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Cheryle Hopton
2009-Oct-25 Sun, 17:14
IRVA Member Announcement:

IRVA has re-designed the irva.org <http://irva.org/> website and added
a new private discussion forum <http://irva.org/forum/index.php> for
the convenience of our members!

The new website design incorporates all of the individual IRVA sites of
the past. The library site (irvalibrary.com), the conference site
(rvconference.org), the shopping site (shopirva.org), the events site
(irvaevents.blogspot.com), and the IRVA Yahoo Group
(tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/irvamembers) have all been combined into
one easy to navigate website. The new features include the ability to
search the IRVA site for information of interest from any page. Be sure
to refresh your browser so you don't see the old site.

The new forum has replaced the IRVA Members Yahoo! Group. We have
transferred the IRVA Yahoo! Group archives to this forum and they are
available for reference and research by our members.

Current IRVA members must register <http://irva.org/forum/register.php>
to join the forum. Once your membership has been verified, you will be
added to the forum member list and receive a message from the moderator
inviting you to login.

If you are not a current member of IRVA, and would like to access the
forum, we invite you to enroll on-line <http://irva.org/join.html> .


Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Oct-27 Tue, 00:08
Nice job on the website. I am envious lol. Thanks for all the hard work we certainly appreciate it.