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Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-May-18 Thu, 01:18
Aloha All,

During the long flight home here to the isles and the last day I have had a lot to consider about my attendance at the 2006 IRVA conference held at the Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas. The conference itself was a great experience and while I am disappointed about the lack of RV related content it was overall well worth the time and expense to attend. My compliments to Paul Smith for his hard work in making this conference happen. It is my opinion that no conference this year would have been a bad thing for the community.

For those of you in Hawaii that may consider attending a future conference it is an easy hassle free experience to travel from our isles to the Vegas venue. The cost is manageable and the booking agent sets pretty much everything up. I know Jason and I used Vacations Hawaii as we have in the past and everything went well with them.

The conference itself went pretty much as planned with no great deviations from the published program. The Master of Ceremonies Bill Ray Maj USA RET was a bright light of wit and charm as he opened the conference and introduced the speakers. One must remember that Bill is Irish and so one must be prepared for the unexpected. His charisma and delivery of humorous anecdotes prior to the speaker introductions set the mood so that each speaker always had a crowd before them smiling. Now how long those smiles lasted is another story.

The first speaker was Jeffrey Mishlove Ph.D. and while I listened in earnest I was never able to see where he was going in his lecture. It seemed to discount the viability of RV as a visual experience. Most of us here know that visuals are prime experiences in the RV process so his premise was somewhat lost on me in particular. While we understand the host of origins of the bubbles that surface up into the awareness in the RV process, to discount the most accessible of our collection skill set seems awry. While there were some excellent moments during his talk I was a bit confused at the end in what his message to us was.

The next talk was from Angela T. Smith Ph.D. on the topic of Remote Viewing around the World. Angela is a good speaker and presented material about activities related to RV from points of interest here and there on the globe. I found two things that were blatantly missing from her presentation. First Japan was left out completely. Japan is in my opinion the new leader in the world on matters concerning RV and has a formidable array of Ph.D.'s conducting research; America is in decline with no serious research being conducted that is publicized, published or accessible. Second was the total absence of any mention of HRVG or our long time efforts out here in the islands. Now we didn't just fall off the RV truck this morning so one (I) would expect some casual mention if one was going around the World looking for RV.

After a short break the cavalry came over the hill to save the day in the form of a delightful woman "Noreen Renier". Now I had considered not attending her talk because she is a psychic and I didn't fly thousands of miles to hear a psychic speak, after all I was there for RV. Something made me linger in the room just long enough for her to begin and after hearing her for those few moments I quickly took my chair and was very quiet while she wove a story of her life that was not only amazing but a bit endearing. This woman had a great deal of charisma and a voice that rose and fell just in time to the peaks and valleys of her tale. If I were a child hers would be the voice I would want my stories told to me by. Her time ended much too quickly and I found her to be a bit inspiring in a fluffy bunny kind of way however unsettling that was to my military sensibilities.

Next was a talk by Paul Smith Maj USA RET. Paul wanted to re-enforce that there was some spectacular results from those days recorded in the archives and presented a very capable body of evidence to do just that. A good speaker and knowledgeable on his subject Paul worked his magic moving from case to case and making points along the way that somehow left me wanting to smack Ray Hyman in the head with all the thousands of files in the Stargate archives. A nice job and very informative.

After a long break we continued the evening with someone I would get to know over the next few days. E. Elias Merhige of Suspect Zero fame is a man caught between a dream and the magic. His insight to mind and movie making leads me to think that he may be much more as he continues to tell the tale of the strangeness among us. Just how does one wrestle with those bumps in the night and those bits of high strangeness that happens when we are caught alone in places where the fabric of reality is very very thin. Elias is a searcher and most of all a dreamer. I would like to say more about him but will reserve it for now. He was after all to speak again the next day.

Day one of the conference completed and I was on one level happy about the day but still frustrated by the almost total lack of any new information useful to a Remote Viewer.

The rest of the evening was very interesting as we chatted and had refreshments with those hardy enough to brave the lounge at the Alexis. I met many people and everyone seemed to be pleasant and talkative. One of the most interesting people to meet was Fortune Faychild. I must warn you this woman can talk and one must be careful to time when you drink from your glass or you may wind up spraying anyone within 20 feet with what ever you are drinking. She is direct and has wit and charm in great quantities. She is an engaging conversationalist and stands her ground. It was a pleasure to meet her.

The evening over, Jason and I headed back to the Stardust where our rooms were. The morning came much to fast and by the time we made it back to the Alexis we had missed the talk by George McMullen and just had a few moments to grab seats for the talk by Jessica Utts, Ph.D. I have heard Jessica speak before and while statistics has its place Jessica seems to make it palatable. To my surprise she was much more engaging and determined to make the point that anomalous cognition was in fact real and that there was a great amount of data to support that fact. Her talk was over before you knew it and it was perhaps the best presentation I have seen in regards to RV. Perhaps a tie with Skip Atwater's presentation from 2000, but still one of the best. My mind asks the question if there is so much evidence why is Pear Inc. in shutdown, why is Nids in shutdown, why have the Ph.D.'s in America abandoned RV research?

Next came Elias Merhige with a most interesting talk on just how he got to the moment when he decided to make Suspect Zero. A very good speaker (as one would expect) with a story which; would make a good film all by itself, lead those of us listening to the movie, the actors and a discussion afterward. Someone asked the question "Why did you make it so graphic?". I was a bit surprised by this, as every time I have seen death it has been a strain on everything I am. If one were to suppose that one could Remote View those moments of madness when one would kill another, I would say be careful you may be in for a shock.

Lunch was called and we headed to the dinning room at the Alexis and after a wait of some time finally got an order in and it was noticeable that the dinning room was not really prepared to deal with the large number of well dressed strange people from the conference. It is unfortunate but some people simply were not very considerate of the staff who were doing their best. Manners help when things get a bit overwhelming. My compliments to the staff that hele'd on and did the best they could.

Lyn was next to talk and as always he is the High Protector of CRV and was both informative and inspiring. One of the things history will show about Lyn was that he manned the fort and never left his post. If only he would take CRV back to the workbench and hammer out the next generation of CRV methodology.

Next to speak was Dean Radin Ph.D. and I didn't want to miss his talk. Dean made a presentation that stuck close to home for all of HRVG. His talk was on Entanglement. As you know we have been playing with entanglement in the form of entrainment for some time out here in the islands and it was refreshing to see so much of what we already know being presented. I wish Jimmy Williams could have been there to hear everything he wrote for the early newsletters here being presented. Dean did an outstanding job and I believe it to be a topic that will continue to grow and be of interest to us all.

Next was a break and then the Outbounder RV Experiment. Not much to see as we all did it before we left the islands. Not to slight the event at all because it was well attended but I opted to chat with Ingo outside about Gold. I have been quoted in the past as not really an Ingo fan but each time I meet the man he seems to be more of a force of nature. Ingo has so much he could say but it seems he holds back. I sense in him a man of trials. He is burdened by some great weight and he only opens up as he can recover the energy to speak. Not one to be pushed, you wait till he asks you a question. The man is perhaps out of time as he seems better suited as a southern gentleman of the late 1800's or perhaps wearing the clothes and saber of the old Gray line. His hair and goatee are from that era. His wit is sharp and as one poor fellow found out he will tell you to sit down and shut up. It was the same fellow who came up to grill Russell Targ as he and I were chatting in the book room. Russell likewise dealt with him and then out he spurted. Have you seen Ingo? Me and Ingo have a soul connection and I have to see him. I looked at him and asked him why he seemed to be so obsessed. He said obsessed? No Ingo sends me messages I must meet him. Hmmmm I said if I were Ingo I would lock my doors and load my guns. Alas some village is missing one of their ... residents.

Next it was on to the speakers reception to hear Ingo talk and was surprised to meet with Mel Riley. Looking sharp in a nice suit and a smile and a shake for every hand shoved his way Mel was there to hear Ingo, as were we all.

Ingo took the podium and as silence fell in the room he began to speak. His message was complex and it was in my opinion along the lines of "believe and you will find your way". He was sharp at times about things he had known for a very long time and how the stone mask of Science would crack sooner or later and be forced to deal with what we all are trying to master. It was next that the sit down shut up comment made me smile and realize that I liked this man. When you hear people say he has a twinkle in his eye it is true, more than twinkle I would say it is the look of a man who knows something but needs time he doesn't have to really do something with all he knows. It is a sour grace we find in one who inspires so many. I hope to see him again along the way. Head to oblivion and along the way perhaps you will meet 1 or 2 like this man.

It's 1 am before we escape back to the Stardust. The next day is the last of the conference and I want to hear Russell Targ.

Russell is an enigma. Educated and solid he envisions potentials of not only mind but body. While stressing the psychic sense he sees a future much more comprehensive with the intent of the human as the engine of uplift as we change from being the mongrels in the alley of life to becoming that which is possible. Healing, helping, solving and simply envisioning what could be are the messages I get from Russell. After a long chat with Russell about RV and NLP back to the days of Uri to present Russell leaned forward and said "Who are you really?" I had to think about that a bit and thought the question was perhaps the best question to ask anyone. Who are you really?

Time for the scientist William Tiller. God it was great to see some slides with graphs and charts and talks of chambers and values and shielding and a man who knew his subject. While as an RF engineer I am sure he did it all for me, but the subject matter was too complex for the drowsy crowd and many tried their best to escape unseen out to the hall. It seemed to be cut short to get back on schedule and the way was cleared for Stephan Schwartz. Stephan is the President of the IRVA and recently brought on-board at the Rhine Research Center. Whenever Stephan speaks I feel like I am in England at some grand meeting of the Explorers or The National Geographic. He speaks globally and one must listen carefully as you may have to visit the Kalahari a few times to make it around the block. Reminds me of an old Piper friend who has passed a few years back who could begin with the Boer War and take you through history. Stephan is a most knowledgeable person and his presentations well prepared.

All too soon it is done and people are moving about not sure where to go. People gather in groups and get addresses and emails and there is time to meet just one more old friend or two. Some of us help Paul carry equipment outside and a few people are posted to make sure Ingo can get past the poor soul with the soul connection. Strangeness continues even after the conference. I escape to the Stardust for the last evening before I leave for the Islands.

And here I am.


2006-May-18 Thu, 05:36
Very Interesting.

You mentioned that "an astonishing array of " Japanese Phd's are
doing work on RV. Will you elaborate on that for us? Where can we go to find any published work assuming there is any available on the internet or elsewhere?

Speaking of Paul Smith,he looks remarkably like Jason Smith, side kick to Jerry Seinfeld on the Seinfield show. Are you sure he's not moonlighting?


Jimmy Williams
2006-May-18 Thu, 14:37
Hi Glenn,
Thanks for the suprise phone call today. Dean Radin is one of my favorite scientists. It is no wonder that his ideas seem similar to my own. I have thoroughly studied his book The Conscious Universe.
I mentioned William Tiller to you during our conversation. Of all the presenters at the "What the Bleep" conference I attended last year, he was the most interesting. I think he has some ideas that could enhance RV effectiveness. I recommend visiting his personal web site.
I like the new website functionality...
Aloha, Jimmy

Dick Allgire
2006-May-18 Thu, 23:07
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the great report on the conference. Wish I could have been there.
Can't wait to hear more about it in class on Monday. I am also anxious to hear Jason's report on your activities involving games of chance.

Did they do an outbounder beaconing target?



2006-May-19 Fri, 01:21
Did they do an outbounder beaconing target?



From Mark Turner's blog @ http://www.mindblogging.com/:

"The next session was an outbounder experiment. Paul and Patricia Targ (Russell's wife) were sent someplace within fifteen minutes travel from the hotel. It was our job to determine where they went using remote viewing. The outbounder team would videotape their location and use this for our feedback.
Paul and Patricia's target was the Monorail Station (http://www.lvmonorail.com/) at the Las Vegas Convention Center (http://www.lvcva.com/index.jsp)."

2006-May-20 Sat, 06:44
Thought I'd share my conference report here as well - great to see Glenn and meet Jason!

Just want to add my voice to the choir and testify that I also had a WONDERFUL time at the conference this year. The energy was mellow, cool, happy, and an all around good feeling spirit at the conference this year. I was very impressed. I haven’t been to an IRVA conference since Austin so it was really nice to connect with friends old and new. Gee and no one looked a DAY older than the last time I saw them!

Sandy Ray brought sunshine to everyone’s day as she greeted people at the front desk. Good as always to see, chat with, and hug Lyn, Paul, Angela, Ingo, the bubbly Noreen and to at long last, have some nice chats with Glenn Wheaton – one of these days I hope he’s invited to speak at the IRVA podium to tell us about what goes on at HRVG. I enjoyed Jeff Mishlove’s and Dean Radin’s talks and good to meet the Suspect Zero filmmaker, Elias Merhige. Also to see other CRV pals like John Footh and Bruce Miller. Enjoyed our smoking sessions Nena!!! And Fortune as well – who took up smoking for the occasion and whose beaded necklaces were simply FABULOUS! Hats off to Winston Smith for stepping up to the plate to video the conference and also to the most delightful Cynthia Tompkins, who as the new Secretary took care of SO MANY things. Congratulation on your new post Cynthia!!! I also had the benefit of actually hearing Bill Ray sing “When Irish Eyes are Smiling!” That alone was worth the conference price!!! On Sunday night, ran into Lance and his friend Tricia and another nice man, Arthur A. (I know you’re out there - ) at the “New York, New York” after seeing Zumanity, one of the Cirque de Soleil shows and nice chatting for a bit.

I missed some of the hanging out at the end of the day - my energies were rather split as I was traveling with a friend (who also very much enjoyed the conference) and we were visiting with friends that live in Vegas so I was away more than I might have liked. (In fact as synchronicity would have it…we ended up at a music show right next to Texas Station one night – remember the year that IRVA was held at Texas Station? That was a WILD one!) As usual, I will probably order the DVDs and enjoy them in the comfort of my own living room.

I had about an 85% or so hit on the outbounder although DOH the things I reported on publicly seemed to be total misses - I got Water and a Deep Green color…(maybe telepathic overlay? since others reported these as well) but the rest of my session was pretty much on target. Nothing particularly outstanding about it – just a lot of cars, exhaust fumes, hard pavements, hard structures, winding lines, white puffy things, and looking up actions. I kicked myself again for self-editing out the color Yellow, which was predominant at the site. My imagination kept going to the various hotels on the strip and it’s pretty amazing (to me) that even so, I reported as I did. Good target though! and Stephen Schwartz did a good job guiding people through it. I’m sure that many people were impressed with how they did with it.

After Vegas, we headed on up to Zion National Park to spend a few days with those most MAGNIFICENT rocks. Ahhhhhh..,,,,

The conference environment had a couple of downsides – I don’t know what was going on with that hotel – but they didn’t have their vending machines stocked with water so the machines ate your money (must be a Vegas thing?) And there was poor service at dinner in the hotel restaurant. I never heard of a resort running out of WINE at dinner! and it took us about an hour to be served and that was only that quick because we grabbed our own menu to order. The food, however, was QUITE GOOD. My personal downside – a perennial lesson learned for Ladies – do NOT break in new sandals when you are on vacation~~:eek:

Thanks to Mark Turner for posting up pics and looking forward to seeing more photos as well!

Now home again jiggity jig to rest my weary feet. It was a good trip – well worth it. Well Done All!


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-May-20 Sat, 16:17
Aloha Robert,

Japan has a very large community (not much different from the US) looking at various areas of anomalous cognition. I lived in Japan about 8 years so it's a bit easier for me to sort through the JP sites than most. I will ask my friend at Sony if he could put something together in English to recap what's been done the last few years. I had talked to Paul about inviting the JBL (Bio-Emissions Lab) to present but it is just too expensive to bring them out to the mainland. I think you would be surprised at what areas are actually being investigated seriously.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-May-20 Sat, 16:34
Aloha Joanie,

It was a pleasure to meet you again at this year's conference. There did seem to be a lot of new faces this year, and people I have met in the past looked much the same. I must agree that Sandy Ray is a trooper, I got to chat with her several times and she was great. Cynthia the new IRVA secretary seemed to be everywhere doing this and that, I was dismayed to hear that she was robbed while at the conference. Hopefully she will recover her items. I hate to think a conference attendee did the deed. :(