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Dick Allgire
2009-Nov-06 Fri, 21:51
HRVG members had a grand time at the movies tonight, watching the Honolulu premier of “The Men Who Stare at Goats.” Almost all of the current Hawaii guild viewers met at the theater, and Glenn was in fine spirits, looking good in the expensive cowboy boots Las Vegas casinos had so graciously provided him during our last trip. We bought loads of popcorn and soft drinks and headed into the movie.

It was very funny and the audience (HRVG members included) laughed out loud in many places. It was a Hollywood story, not a true story but it was remarkable to sit in a theater and watch George Clooney on the big screen uttering phrases and ideas that we’ve heard from Glenn for many years.

Lyn Buchanan was portrayed when the Clooney character shut down computers. That is a true story involving Lyn. The remote viewing Joe McMoneagle did involving kidnapped General Dozier was portrayed in the movie and attributed to Cassady. So while the character was based on Glenn, there were other instances involving other famous viewers that were folded into the story.

The Jim Channon character (Jeff Bridges) was in many respects true to life. Special Forces Intel (Green Beret) viewers did not associate with the First Earth Battalion, so that was pure Hollywood and not a bit of fact.

There was also a glory hound who had little RV skill, but took all the credit, played by Kevin Spacey. (No comment.)

We sat through the credits and did see the statement roll across the screen that the Lyn Cassady character is based on Glenn Wheaton and Bill Django based on Jim Channon.

Best depiction of remote viewing- “man in a chair.” Target was Lincoln Memorial.

We’ll no doubt go through the Blue Ray version with a fine tooth comb.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2009-Nov-08 Sun, 00:04
Aloha Dick,

It was good to finally see the movie and it certainly was a fun evening. I thought they did a good job with it as well as finding ways to put in all sorts of little clues. From Debra to Twizzlers and Dr. Strangelove, to all the rest of the things you guys have heard for years. Clooney did a great job but I thought Bridges was outstanding in his portrayal of Jim Channon. Lang AKA General Hopgood is also in the upcoming movie “Avatar” and I am looking forward to seeing that movie as well as “The Last Airbender”. Movies are supposed to entertain and Goats certainly accomplished that while poking fun here and there. I thought the transition of McGregor from skeptic to Jedi was very well done. I think “The Men Who Stare at Goats” may be a better cult movie than an Oscar contender. The camera work was great and although it seems they abandoned the soundtrack listed in the early script it wasn’t too shabby.

Reviews are mixed but it may hit number 1 for the weekend and may hold on for a bit. I hope Paul Lister and the folks that worked so hard on the movie make a few bucks  you never know there could be a sequel.


2009-Nov-08 Sun, 10:13
Hi Glenn,

It was an enjoyable evening finally getting to see how your experiences and input into the "Men Who Stare at Goats" book and movie and Remote Viewing in general would be depicted on the big screen. I thought that, though a spoof, the producer gave the general public a teasing glimpse of RV and its possibilities. I also thought the some of the extras casting was great--there was one young soldier with a scarf on his head who is the spitting image of a photo of you from the 70's. I also enjoyed hearing so many of your phrases that you have taught over the years at HRVG, repeated by George Clooney!

Having the producer incorporate my name and love of Twizzlers into the story-line, was certainly a surprise. Now I am wondering how many more subtle personalized tags there are throughout the movie. I look forward to being able to watch it again on DVD to stop & freeze-frame!