View Full Version : Could a remote viewer win this cash prize?

2009-Nov-09 Mon, 12:42
It's time to win some money:

DARPA's Balloon Challenge

November 08, 2009

DARPA is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Internet with an unusual 'Network Challenge.' The competition is offering a $40,000 cash prize to the first person who can correctly identify the specific locations of 10 moored, 8-foot weather balloons placed across the continental United States. More on the Challenge at Popular Science.


Dick Allgire
2009-Nov-09 Mon, 20:50
Hi JP,

that is an interesting challenge. It would depend on how close you are required to come. I suspect they would require a direct hit and discount work that would make a normal person's jaw drop.

Remote viewers using HRVG S-7 Annex A (determine location) protocol as I presented at an early IRVA conference could do the job, on a good day, with their minds right.

I have an instructional video teaching this skill ready to go. Just waiting for willing students who want to learn.


2009-Nov-10 Tue, 07:27
Okay..okay....I'm back in the game on Sunday. :D I think I even snagged a garden plot at the local community center that I have been waiting months for. Everybody decided to pick the same week in the same month to manage major changes.

Goats is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow if I can find it around here local

2009-Nov-10 Tue, 09:01
Thanks for the replies...

I wonder if someone, besides a remote viewer, such as an expert map dowser... could find those balloons? It would be an interesting way of testing someone.

2009-Dec-07 Mon, 13:03
A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology won $40,000 in a high-tech scavenger hunt on Saturday by discovering the location of 10 red weather balloons.