View Full Version : Dr. Richard Ireland...Digital Video

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-May-20 Sat, 16:20
Aloha All,

Good news, I was contacted by Mark Ireland and he is sending out a new digital copy of the Steve Allen Show segment where his father, and my trainer, Dr. Richard Ireland was featured. It will replace the Psiquest.net video and be available in the Guild library.


2006-May-24 Wed, 05:54
Will it be possible to get a copy, say, for a small donation to help the Guild?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2006-May-25 Thu, 16:23
Aloha Robert,

While a donation is not required, shipping costs would be appreciated. Email me a snail mail addy for you and when we recieve the video We'll send you out a copy.