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2010-Jan-24 Sun, 21:48
The man who stares at the future.....


2010-Jan-26 Tue, 18:09
In the interview in UFO magazine, I was very surprized to see the name Glenn Wheaton pop-up. Usually all the focus is on Jim Channon, you never hear about the other highly trained RVers in this program. Anyway, I'm going to post the question that Leslie Gunter, the interviewer, posed to Jon Ronson.

Leslie: According to your book, staring at goats and trying to stop their hearts was actuallly level four of Project Jedi. Level one was the ability to walk into a room and instantly be aware of every detail. Level two was intuition, knowing what would happen before it happened. Level three was invisibility. Did people in Project Jedi claim to have accomplished the three lower levels before they moved on to goat staring?

Jon: Well one of them, Glenn Wheaton, admitted to me that after a while they adapted trying to attain the power of invisibility into trying to find a way of not being seen. "You mean like camouflage"? I asked. "No". he tutted.

I'm not sure how seriously people took the formal structure of the First Earth Battalion manual.

(this is an interesting interview... I would recommend reading it....J.P.)

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jan-28 Thu, 00:30
Thanks for the info about the article. Iím not sure folks want to pay 8 dollars to read it lol. I have seen several interviews with Jon Ronson where he discussed similar topics and he is keeping it fairly accurate. I canít say the same for others. Jim Channon is still keeping the faith and has received a lot of positive reactions since the movie was released. It was pretty amazing how well Bridges portrayed him, a bit eerie actually.


2010-Jan-31 Sun, 13:34
I think your right about not paying $8.00 for the (privilage?) of reading the UFO magazine. As for making oneself invisible, I'm skepical. There is plenty of work being done in science to make one invisible by the process of bending light waves around an object or person. Now THAT I am interested in.

BTW are you aware that the TV series Numbers, did a couple episodes on the FBI useing remote viewing? One was in season four I think, and the other was in season five. I thought they did a good job showing the extreme skepticism (as acted out by Charlie, the FBI supervisor's brother). In the last episode, the RVer is killed off. My only gripe was they made the remoter viewer look like some excentric wacko job.


2010-Feb-01 Mon, 07:53
Being invisible and remaining unseen is not the same thing. And camoflage is not the only way to remain unseen.

2010-Feb-02 Tue, 05:05
Sematics, sematics, but very true. Sometimes we have to talk like a lawyer.(:-)
Yea. I keep a low profile, myself.