View Full Version : Snowpocalypse

2010-Feb-11 Thu, 15:29
Do you have snow there yet :D. We made history in Dallas Texas today. Over seven inches of REAL snow :eek:. Really not that bad since it's not mixed with ice as is usual for this area.

Dick Allgire
2010-Feb-11 Thu, 22:26

It is getting down around 68 or 67 here in Makiki tonight. My wife is sleeping in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, extra blanket. A real cold snap. I might have to put on a pair of socks.


2010-Feb-12 Fri, 07:05
Damn:cool: Addie moved down from Virginia this year and I have been telling her how great the winters are here.

So far, it snowed on Christmas Day. Everyone was so excited and we went yech.

It snowed on the day we went to pick her fiance up at the airport. Yech.

Now, we have had more snow in one single day (12 inches official) and it is more snow than in the history of Dallas/Fort Worth area. Everyone was so excited and we went yech.

It's pretty for about 10 minutes.

2010-Feb-13 Sat, 16:35
We've had our share of snow here in Indiana and freezing cold weather to boot.
I like to relax and metal detect at parks and in the country but not in this weather. The ground is frozen solid.

2010-Feb-13 Sat, 20:36
We have had loads of rain here in Los Angeles, more than I've seen in many years. And the good part is we probably won't have to worry about any droughts this summer, but there were many evacuations from all the rain, some people did loose their houses.

I'm doing fine, but I do feel for those that were not so lucky.