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2010-Mar-03 Wed, 06:12
Good morning. A recapitulation of Glenn's class lecture on Monday night is necessary because not all were there and you need this information to work the S7 Annex A target which I will post immediately after.

Rather than dig into how we normally work S7 Annex A (Directional Ideograms), you need to adjust from how you normally think about the target. For example, when you think about a target, it's normally attributed to a self-limiting pre-conceived idea of a person, place, thing, or event and as viewers you limit yourself on what you are supposed to do with this target. For example, let's say you work a target that was to be the Grand Central Station in New York. If you placedyourself at the Grand Central Station (assuming you are right on), you would not see or possibly accept the thought behind the tasking. You look at the target ID and recognize that what you pull from the subconscious is the true meaning of the target. You will need to move beyond that (like getting S4 data in Playfair..getting higher level data earlier on). To do that, you must move beyond the low level gestalt and do not become enamored or hindered by the first doorway. Glenn is expecting all to look beyond the first level and reaching out to the next plateau.

This S7 Annex A encrypted references are real places. You will use this protocol to decrypt a target. All that you need to do with this target is to identify a place. Glenn briefly discussed what we will do after, but I won't go into that here right now. The question to ask your SUB in working this target is: "WHICH IS TH DIRECTION THAT ANSWERS OUR QUESTION?" Go to the direction. Once we have answers to that question, we will move to the next question. The results of this session work will drive our next step. The goal is to have the line of bearing (LOB) go in the direction of the answer.

Do not work the full session. You only need to work the S7 Annex A protocol. Email me if you have other questions. Having stated that, here is the target to be worked:


Good viewing!

Dave, a military protractor is on its way to you.