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2010-Mar-21 Sun, 01:54
Hi, this is my first post in this community so I thought I would properly introduce myself here, on this first day of Spring in 2010. I didn't see a separate forum for that, so I hope this is the right place for it.

Well as the topic says I am from the Netherlands, that small country lower right of the United Kingdom and left of Germany, in Europe. I am 37 years old and am a self-employed Web Developer, Graphics Artist and 3D Specialist.

I first found out about Remote Viewing a few years ago. I've read more about it from time to time, but my interest really peaked this year. I've had a strange kind of precognitive dream last November, that I would get really interested in this in 2010. And here I am, stuck to the subject like glue. :)

My interest with RV is not so much about wanting to know things beyond the five senses' immediate perception (i.e. within line of sight, etc.); I very much am intrigued by the idea that there is a collective subconscious. My whole life I have felt that we - as human beings - are much more connected than we are told. That we're individuals, but also part of a whole, a collective if you will. The reality that we can interact with this connectedness is something so profound for me, that I just can't seem to detach myself from it anymore. Not that I want to, but it's interesting I'm noticing myself coming back to RV every time I get sidetracked because of work, friends and family and other responsibilities.

I've actually been looking online for a small community to interact with. Most of the RV communities online are either inactive, broken, or are very large. With the latter, RV newbies such as myself just have a tough time asking questions and as a result remain quiet and then not really progressing to learn.

I'm curious how people here got into RV, so if you want to share I'd love to know. I did this mini course online from Psytech to orient oneself with RV, but later heard (from Sita) that one cannot progress to the next stage, if the preceding stage is not mastered. Still, I am somewhat skeptical I will be able to learn this, but I guess that is just my insecure mind talking.

Thanks to Sita and Glenn for their help with registration.

2010-Mar-21 Sun, 06:25
Hello Coen:
I got interested in Remote Viewing after reading Joe McMoneagle’s book, Mind Trek. Actually I ran across it in a book store; I was researching the subject of near-death experiences but the subject of remote viewing sidetracked me. That was eleven years ago; after hanging around the remote viewing websites and asking thousands of questions I finally took the jump and enrolled in the HRVG course.

I am by nature skeptical about the fringe population of exotic ideas such as ghosts, haunting, UFO’s, near-death experiences and psychic phenomena, especially television psychics. I decided to give the remote viewing phenomena a chance. I saw some very good sessions done by students at the HRVG site as well as CRV sites (controlled remote viewing). I decided that if “they could do it then I can do it.” That became foremost in my mine. I gave it my best shot and continued to repeat to myself that mantra, “If THEY can do it THEN I can do it.”

I DID do it and am to this day still astounded that I could I could succeed in getting information and even drawing pictures of the target assigned for me to do. I did not always hit the target dead on even though my instructor, Sita, pointed out that much of the data was congruent with the target. Sometimes I was way off base and ended up depressed over the failure, but I soon realized that this was a common experience; remote viewers will not be accurate or dead on target all the time.

HRVG is probably one of the few responsible websites teaching remote viewing. It usually confines itself to targets that have immediate verifiable feedback and shuns the more exotic targets that do NOT have verifiable feedback like UFO’s, although they have done some of these just for fun. The targets are never revealed to the remoter viewer until his/her session is completed and returned; there is a deadline for each session worked. If you return your session after that date it doesn’t count. It’s a simple system and works well.

Like you I entered into this not so much to “be special,” and “know things about the future,” but because I wanted a better grip on reality. If anything it has made my grip less sure of itself; there does seem to be much more to existence than I ever realized; and reality, well, that’s still up for grabs. Is there a down to earth explanation for what remote viewing is? I believe there is and that it will eventually be nailed down by some very brilliant physicist in physics lab although it may take another hundred years or perhaps less; however it comes about it will be earth shaking.

Glad you decided to learn from HRVG. You made a good decision. You’ll find there is not that much difference, in my opinion, between HRVG and CRV. The real difference is in the structured way you go about getting information. Put the two structures, CRV and HRVG together and there is an obvious difference, but the stages are very much the same, beginning with the most basic working your way to the more advanced. You begin with stage one. What is the purpose of stage one? It’s to get you to stage two. The purpose of stage two is to get you to stage three and onward to stages four and five and eventually to more advanced HRVG. It’s an incredible journey and I’m sure if you jump into it leaving any preconceptions behind you too will be astounded at your first successful session. Please keep in mind that it takes work and practice, practice, practice.

I am sixty-five, retired; while I have not participated in HRVG targets for some time now, I still find that I can sit down with a target and sometimes do a decent session…..and sometimes not.(:-)

Here's wishing you the very best of luck and a happy journey into remote viewing.


2010-Mar-21 Sun, 09:36
Hi Robert,

Thank you for your elaborate response and well wishes! I appreciate you taking the time. I too had and have so many questions, although my most important ones have been answered by Sita already.

One thing I should correct is, that at this stage I am not doing the HRVG course. I hope that doesn't mean I can't be part of this community and I also don't know it is a prerequisite. I found the Farsight RV audio course and after that I found this website. That's how it went basically. Then again if I recall correctly Sita mentioned that the HRVG course is the Advanced course of the Farsight one, so I may be doing the HRVG course anyway.

I've been pondering the best route really. Two weeks ago I got some rather pleasant news from the tax office (Dutch version of the IRS) which might make a trip and course possible. But maybe it's best to do the audio course first. I did check air fares for Honolulu already which come in at around 1050 Euros (Approx. 1500 USD).

That is a coincidence you mention the NDE (Near Death Experience) subject. I've been interested in NDE for some time. Last month I picked up a CD called 'Near Death Experience', it was part of a 5-pack called Ultra Meditation. I experienced some pretty funky things when I listened to it. I logged the experience and the ones after it in a WordPress.com blog (see my signature). I also loved the movie Flatliners!

I'm also interested in extra terrestrial life and UFOs, but with all this hype lately about imminent disclosure and it then subsequently not happening - time and again, that has dimmed my enthusiasm for the subject a lot. -- Strangely enough, I wouldn't even want to investigate the subject if I were an RV expert. For the same reason you've already mentioned here, because of a lack of verifiable feedback.

I do think I can learn this, even though I may state the opposite. It's funny how that works, like reverse psychology onto oneself. :D I once had to learn how to code HTML, CSS and similar technologies, in order to advance in the world of web design. I often said "I cannot do this, I just cannot, my mind simply isn't configured for it.". Then one day I wanted to create this site for a client and the visual editor I was using to design sites with (Dreamweaver) just didn't allow me to do what I wanted - I had to learn how to code. Because the necessity was there, I somehow rewired my brain to learn how to code, because after one week I had it down.

Can you tell me what is this thing with the deadline of targets? Why a deadline?

2010-Mar-21 Sun, 12:12

>I've been pondering the best route really<

Take the HRVG course. Thats the best route in my opinion and the people here are the best for helping you along. As for the Farsight course, I took the free home study course found on the Frasight webpage. I won't say anything bad about it but I believe you would be better served at HRVG.

Again the best to you.


Dick Allgire
2010-Mar-21 Sun, 12:54
Hi Coen,
You asked about the "deadline." This is simply a means of assuring chain of custody. A targeteer posts a target and no one has access to the target feedback. If you submit your work before feedback is available the work has more significance. It just means you as a viewer had no possibility that you knew what the target is before you turn in your work.

If you would like to contact me privately I'll send you a couple of DVD's that will help you. Sita can put you in touch with me. I sometimes take on private students (no charge) if someone demonstrates intelligence and eagerness to learn. Right now I've been helping Michelle in Texas, and she is doing very well.


Dick Allgire

2010-Mar-21 Sun, 14:21

It's not often that I come across this kindness! Lost for words.. I will contact Sita now.

Thanks also for answering that question.

@Robert: Thank you for your answer!

2010-Mar-23 Tue, 08:13
I sent you a private e-mail.
I found your website interesting.