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2010-Mar-23 Tue, 21:02
A while back Dick said in a post something about using pen and paper and how this method is best for developing a person's RVing ability. Can you give me an explaination as to why this is? Maybe other's can join in and we might actually have a nice interesting conversation about RV like in the good old days.....


Dick Allgire
2010-Mar-23 Tue, 22:11
Using a highly structured method that employs pen and paper gives the conscious mind tasks to keep it busy, while building in brief queries that allow short communication with the subconscious.

It does become a crutch, and I'm trying to develop my ability to RV without using the formal method and pen and paper. Some of the best work I did for Courtney Brown's latest project was done by closing my eyes and intending myself (actually there is much more to it than that) to target.

The point is, if you can probe an ideogram and sense "manmade" or "natural" and if you can probe an ideogram and look for a second and half and get a hazy brief sense of a visual, then you can develop the ability to go to target in full visual clarity. Speaking from experience, it is way more fun.


2010-Mar-23 Tue, 22:58
Very interesting answer Dick! I'm glad to see you moving on to more "non-structured" methods, or at least experimenting with them, to get more visuals during an RV session. I'm sure your intending ability to go to target, and how you accomplished that would make a good post, I hope you decide to let us in on that method a little bit more.

As it turn's out, I've tried to just intend myself to target a few times too (without using any formal steps), with just the target coodinates and it's a hit and miss thing with me (which is common for most beginners and even "advanced" beginners I suppose).

Moving on to more fun methods seem's like a good idea to me. I can't wait to see your latest work with CB.... I hope it comes out soon.


2010-Mar-24 Wed, 08:35
Sometimes the long distance between student and instructor can be a good thing (for me). If the target is intense for me, I forget to use the NIMO. But, now I'm not so upset with as when I first started. If I forget to use it in Playfair or Cascade, then I use it after I've recorded my first impressions. It does help to bring out detail or certainties.

2010-Mar-24 Wed, 10:00
NIMO, Playfair, Cascade... I have no idea what all these things mean, but I can't wait to learn! (Don't tell me, I need to be taught in succession before moving on to the next stage. Just saying I'm enjoying reading through these posts.)