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2010-Mar-24 Wed, 15:02
My apology in advance if this is deemed off-topic, but I felt this to be related to some degree and wanted to share it here.

Let me start off by saying that I have not yet commenced HRVG training or anything even beyond Stage I at this point. I have familiarized myself to some degree with the protocols.

One thing I knew from hearing about in other places that discuss RV, is the sense of smell and other senses being activated during an RV session. It is this which I find rather strange, as if suddenly one would start smelling things, without grandma cooking a meal two doors down the hallway so to speak.

That is, until tonight. I just finished listening to an introduction of an audio course by the Monroe Institute. I do not believe I experienced what I did because of those particular CD's, because I have had other really strange things happening to me with other CD's, which I explain in great detail in my blog linked in my sig.

You know that fleeting feeling when you're meditating that you get at some point? When you enter that transcendental point of awareness, if you can call it that. It was at that point that I - very briefly - smelled something. I can not place it as to what it was, but it smelled like something sweet and it was very intense, but also very brief.

I wonder if this is how it works with Remote Viewing. At this time I am such a newbie that maybe I'm making a total fool of myself here and reading this one year from now might have me wanting to hit the Delete button. It just so happens that I love talking about this stuff and this seems related to the subject matter.

Maybe anyone wants to comment on how the sensory perception is invoked during an RV session. For example does it only happen when you bi-locate and do you need to be extremely calm, calmer than what is usually required in an RV session?

Dick Allgire
2010-Mar-24 Wed, 20:52
Those of us who trained with Glenn Wheaton always remember the analogy, "Can you remember what a banana smells like?"

In an alert conscious-state remote viewing session you will get a fleeting sensation, but it only lasts about a second or a second and half. If you sit there right now and think for a moment: Remember what a banana smells like- you can do it, but only briefly.

In our method - in the early part of the session- we adopt an NLP posture that allows us to obtain sensory information from the subconscious. We probe for SIGHTS, SOUNDS, Smells/Tastes, etc. I once probed for smells while working a target with no good contact up until that point. In that instant when my pen touched the ideogram I finally got my mind settled and really WANTED, NEEDED, INTENDED to smell what was at this target. I recalled a smell that used to hang around downtown Honolulu near Iwilei at the old pineapple processing plant. The smell of pineapple. It stopped me. It was quite real, for that one second probe. It got me onto target. I continued and bilocated off this smell to seeing people bundled up in clothes out in a field of prickly cactus-like plants. The target was pineapple pickers.

I once worked a target and probed NIMO (neuro interrogation mask overlay) for smell recall and it stopped me in my tracks. A smell that was distinct yet something I couldn't assign a name or description too. It was a chemical caustic smell. It was something that put a film in the back of your throat, like distant sulphur. I had no words for it. This again got me onto target, which was some type of industrial or radioactive leak from a power plant.

I could go on for days... You have some fabulous experiences ahead of you, if you are willing to put in the time and work.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Mar-25 Thu, 02:11
Aloha Coen,

Remote Viewing itself is a protocol of sorts for mental function. Learning to think in a certain way in a certain order is simply that Order in the chaos of normal human thought. Often our mind will uniquely surprise us with a bit of unscheduled clarity. Clarity is a pure moment and is sometimes the result of some culmination of mental experience or thoughts that finally take the correct neural pathway to coherence. Remote viewers have a unique edge because they can achieve clarity by discipline of mind using well worn neural pathway that is vectored to the greater consciousness.

There are those amongst us who achieve clarity as a result of some natural excellence of mental wiring and others who believe in and practice some method of ordered thought. During the remote viewing process we attempt to turn on and off different sensory queries but regardless of the type of query, it is the mind that is left with the task to divine coherence. Learning how to think is more important than what to think.

Reading your posts I find you are a thinker, like the rest of us here. Welcome to the tank 


2010-Mar-25 Thu, 08:37
WOW!!! I couldn't have wished for better answers! This is such interesting stuff. I can't wait to begin the course.

I had a real bad start of the day today, but this stuff makes it all better. Thanks so much for explaining.

The only down side is, now I've got more questions. Well, I suppose that's an upside. All in due time.