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2010-Apr-01 Thu, 10:16
Recently I started with the HRVG training and am currently practicing Blackboard. (By the way I trust it is OK to ask this question in here since I searched for posts about the subject and found at least one.) I am posting this in here because I hope I can read answers from various people.

When I have finished my Cooling Down (usually half an hour listening to bin-aural music) I sit down at my table (which has already been set up prior to Cooling Down), I look at the target ID on my reference envelope and start filling out the paper using the protocols as instructed in the video training. Once I get to looking on Blackboard, I usually see some static imagery when I close my eyes. It is very faint/vague but I do see something, or perhaps I'm imagining it. Whatever it is, I am noticing something and then I draw it on the paper.

Now my question is, what things, other than hardcore repetition, would you recommend doing? Please, any tips are welcome and they can't be weird enough. I would like to hear your expertise as well as personal experiences. I also hope I'm not cheating by asking this. Some things I have done today which hopefully improve my visuals are:

Trying to cut down the mind chatter during Cooling Down;
Making my pages look less messy, writing readable text and aligning everything to the grid.
And here are some things that I am going to do in the next couple of days:

Get 7 hours of non-stop sleep;
Fixing my bad biorhythm (I sometimes sleep during the day because I want to finish a project at night);
Step up my meditation sessions by either adding half an hour to them or meditate several times per day;
Eating food which enhances brain activity (I actually wanted to post a topic about this as food is a hobby of mine).
Any suggestions are highly appreciated! I really want to learn this stage.

Dick Allgire
2010-Apr-01 Thu, 14:14
Hi Coen,

I would say you probably don't need a 30 minute cool down to do a few practice Visual Ideograms.

You only need to have no expectations about the target, and be curious, and ready to look. We have a drill (that I didn't include on the video) which is called "flashing Blackboard." Imagine a flash bulb going off when you close your eyes, which is meant to erase everything- after images when you first close your eyes, imagination, etc. You can do this prior to placing the target ID on Blackboard.

You need to develop the skill to be able to sit down without TOO much preparation and LOOK! right now on Blackboard for a couple of seconds, and grab some basic imagery.

The big cool down usually comes after S-4 as your prepare for S-5 isolation/morpheus.


2010-Apr-01 Thu, 14:42
Thanks Dick. Cut Down on my Cool Down it is! :D

Dick Allgire
2010-Apr-04 Sun, 00:03
Hi Coen,
There is no hard and fast rule about how to cool down and get your mind right to start a session. Certainly I'm going to take more time on an important or operational target than for a practice training target.

Right now as you learn Visual Ideogram the whole session should take less than 5 minutes, so you don't really need to spend 30 minutes in cool down for that. To be honest I'm looking at your work and checking to see if your headings are correct, and when you get to Spontaneous Ideograms I'll be looking at the ideograms to see if they look genuine and if your probes are correct. (Looking at the ink on the lines.) So right now learn the drills, train the sub, establish the communication pathway. The data will come. And some day you'll sit down with a target ID that you know is important, and you'll spend the time to get yourself ready. Even now you are taking the whole thing seriously, and that is a big part of it.

All remote viewers develop their own procedure for getting ready to work. Ideally, you would want to keep a viewer in sensory deprivation for a few days. That is not practical for most of us...lol.

There are some interesting video clips on the Farsight website about cooldown. http://www.farsight.org/AV/av1.html

HRVG method is designed to begin a session in normal waking consciousness- Beta brainwaves mostly. The Visual Ideogram is obtained in a 1.5 to 2 second look on Blackboard. The drill is designed to train your sub to put that visual image up there on demand.

As the session progresses, your brainwave state should change, to more Alpha from Playfair to S-4, and then the big cooldown to inclined orbit at Theta for S-5.