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2006-May-21 Sun, 07:55
In reading the last two books, Reading The Enemy's Mind, and Captain of My Ship by Atwater they mention the use of TMI alot. I notice that David Morehouse uses Binarual CD's in his viewing. Perhaps not exactly Hemi Sync but if we used TMI CD,s or similar CDs in HRVG viewing, would that be considered "out of structure?" Has anyone in HRVG USED these CDs in conjunction with RV?

Dick Allgire
2006-May-21 Sun, 21:16

This is the 800 pound gorilla in the remote viewing world. CRV derived methodology has no protocol for closing your eyes and going into an altered state and attempting to have an experiential "now-you-see-the-target" event.

There is no time in any CRV structured method where I have heard about listening to CD's to put yourself into a "Theta" brainwave pattern. CRV does allow a viewer to listen to a CD to “cool down” prior to session, but to my knowledge (can someone correct me?) no theta state is encouraged during a session.

HRVG methodology from Visual Ideogram to S-4 Cascade does rely primarily on closing your eyes for a brief displacement to target to obtain visual imagery.

In S-5 HRVG does train viewers to do a drill (Priming) to put them into a Theta brainwave to go to that "almost asleep" place where experiential and visual remote viewing happens. Glenn has taught us this one technique. I'm pretty sure there are others, and others that involve subjecting your brain to frequencies and audio that facilitate the experience. Glenn has not shared these with us. I believe he is not allowed as a condition of his non-disclosure agreement, still in effect.

He once told us we are plowing the field with a teaspoon, when it would be much easier with a tractor. We've been given a great gift- the HRVG methodology as developed by Richard Ireland. But its like the US selling F-16's to Venezuela- they never sell the souped up models with the full avionics.