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2010-Apr-04 Sun, 14:17
We made it to the last day of the Butterfly Gardens! I had never seen one. Here is the link http://www.fwbg.org I don't know how long it will be good as today was the last day. I don't know if we managed to get any good photo's but I have to get them developed. But, next year I will try to get there early.

2010-Apr-04 Sun, 15:44
Those look really nice Michelle. When I was in Fort Worth (long time ago) I would've loved checking them out. I'm a big nature fan and always like to take pictures of wildlife, including those little ones.

2010-Apr-04 Sun, 15:54
Thanks Coen;

You have made some really great posts and I apologize to you that I have not been more involved...I usually am. Just alot going on, but the worst is behind me thank goodness!

I'm amazed at the people scattered all over the world that have actually been to Fort Worth!

And, belated it may be, welcome to our community. I think you are going to be a great addition!

2010-Apr-04 Sun, 17:43
Well thank you Michelle, and here I thought you just didn't like me. :p

I wanted to post a photo of me at Ft. Worth in my reply above, but here it is anyway. That said, I am not entirely sure this is in Ft. Worth, but I think it was. It was about 2 hours South of Wichita Falls (that much I do recall), where we were staying at Sheppard Air Force Base.

The 2nd photo is a very young Coen taking all the glory without putting in any actual flight hours. :rolleyes:

Dick Allgire
2010-Apr-04 Sun, 23:02
Coen, Michele.
Michele, Coen.

Michele sent me some free form work on a project that I presented last October at the IRVA conference, and I offered to give her some private tutoring. She has worked hard to learn HRVG methodology, and just took part in a big new project that Courtney Brown will unveil soon. So Michele was able to go from producing great work in training/practice targets (she amazed me many times) and has now gone "operational." Congratulations Michele.

Coen, we look forward to big things from you.

People who take the time and expend the energy to explore remote viewing are interesting people, more fun to converse with than the average person on the street. This is not a cult, and we're not after your money. We do offer really interesting insights into consciousness for those who are willing to work.

Aloha all,


2010-Apr-05 Mon, 15:03
Dick or Michelle, please elaborate on the "free form work" Dick mentions Michelle did. Is that like doing RV without the RV structure?

And Michelle, I have a feeling you are a natural psychic.