View Full Version : Sidereal Time for Holland

2010-Apr-06 Tue, 19:04
Can someone please help me find Holland's Sidereal time? I have looked online but the calculator (http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/sidereal.html) doesn't accept my lati- and longitude values and I can't find any other sites which have it.

Dick Allgire
2010-Apr-07 Wed, 16:24
Here's the site I use to calculate 13:30 in Honolulu.


According to this site (I just checked) at 4:20 PM Hawaii Time (16:20 Pacific Time) it was 14:45 Sidereal time in Amsterdam. That means about an hour and a half ago it was the sweet spot for you in Holland. It moves about 4 minutes a day.


Dave Barnes
2010-Apr-07 Wed, 17:38
Here is another convenient Local Sidereal Time site:


- Dave

2010-Apr-07 Wed, 22:33
@Dick, yeah that was the site I also linked to and couldn't get correct output from.

@Dave, thanks for your link. As it turns out I appear to have to subtract 8.5 hours from my local time to get the sidereal time. That would be 2 in the morning for me. Not exactly a great time as I want to get rid of my night owl behavior. :D

Dick Allgire
2010-Apr-07 Wed, 22:51
Sidereal "sweet" spot at 13:40 moves about 5 minutes each day, so it will come around to a more convenience hour for you.
By the way, the site I linked did work, if you input the longitude.