View Full Version : Todd Murphy lecture on Remote Viewing and other things

2010-Apr-14 Wed, 04:01
I've just finished watching this lecture by Todd Murphy on psychic phenomena and miracles, whilst scanning of paper administration to my computer (nothing more exciting than learning while doing chores). It is one of the most interesting lectures I've seen in my life. The first half deals mostly with Remote Viewing, but interestingly the second half - although not directly about RV - can be applied to RV, which becomes very much apparent at the end of the lecture.

Here's my summarization of some of the things he talks about:

Being able to block out a Remote Viewer's signal (line) by placing magnetic fields around the viewer. (I'm not sure if this might work also when placing such a field at the target location, but I have read about instances where a viewer just could not penetrate the site.)
Twins having a stronger emotional and (therefore) psychic connection and reception which enhance the signal.
Chirp sounds enhancing the viewer's ability.
Mind to mind communication when one person thinks about another.
The ability to put words in someone's mind by thinking about them saying it (imagining their voice actually saying the words). (Maybe something similar to this is how you guys place anchor points at the target. But I'm not supposed to ask that question yet so skip it.)
The function of the Thalamus (a part of the brain relating to Gamma waves. (Gamma waves are another interesting topic!)
And that an OBE (Out of Body Experience) differs from Remote Viewing in that in the former both hemispheres are involved, whereas in the latter only the right one is.

I'm not too excited about using that thing - the SHAKTI - he made to enhance Remote Viewing, but I believe it may work. However once I would reach the level of experienced viewer, I might give it a whirl, just out of curiosity.