View Full Version : HRVG archives are back!

Dick Allgire
2010-May-03 Mon, 23:12
If you didn't notice when you logged on to the website, the archives of this site are coming back on line. A lot of great RV projects and RV history now back up.
Thanks Dave!


2010-May-04 Tue, 09:14
It's great to see the entire new site finally launched.

The main image should be re-exported, right now it is a whopping 554.6 Kb! That's more than half a Megabyte. Not only slow for people on slower connections, it also eats bandwidth. Jpeg is a format better suited for photos, right now it's a PNG.

Also, the forum loads really slow for me today, but that may be due to network congestion.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-May-04 Tue, 23:15
The return of some of the old website content was accomplished with the help of our own Dave Barnes. We are very grateful for his assistance and expertise. There is so much good work in projects and sessions it will be good to have it available on the site again. There are a few glitches here and there but so far the progress is great to see.


2010-Jun-07 Mon, 20:05
Came by and noticed that things are looking different, very nice indeed. I'll be perusing memory lane for a while now :-)

2010-Jun-08 Tue, 00:41

Now that the website is up and functioning maybe something can be done to restore accuracy to some minor errors such as the "Join Date" that I have asked repeatedly to be corrected. I joined in 2001 not 2006. I sent a copy of my HRVG certificate to confirm that; I graduated from the HRVG course in 2001 which is my "Join" date.
Thank you.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-08 Tue, 03:51
Aloha Robert,

An interesting problem. The join date is feature of the Vbulletin software and reflects the join date for this particular software, not the Guild. A good thing is our software is properly licensed and we have program support. I have asked the developers for a patch to make this date feature correctable.