View Full Version : All Hawaii Viewers / 13:30 Sidereal

Dick Allgire
2010-May-12 Wed, 23:38
For all the Hawaii viewers working my target or working the new Courtney Brown mysteries target, be advised that 13:30 Sidereal (the sweet spot when data comes easier) hits at about 10:15 PM in Hawaii this week.

So if you are in the islands, start your session at about 10 PM if you can.

Here's a target ID for Courtney's new project.


That's the target ID. The target cue is:
Target for Courtney Brown Mystery / May 2010 target / Part A

Just get your table set up with the paper and pen, write down 4U6h-1H4N, sit down around 10 PM, get your mind right, and do a session.