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2010-May-24 Mon, 08:15
In my Course of Miracles meeting yesterday, there was a discussion about the Blue Pearl. For centuries, Buddhist monks have used this term to describe achieving the Zen state. Now, in modern science, they hooked up a Zen Buddhist to the machines that track brain activity. At first, there are the red and orange 'storms' that indicate our processing of moment to moment activity. As the Zen Buddhist moves farther and farther into meditation, the maps clear from the outer perimeters of the brain and gets smaller and smaller until the only point of activity is a small blue dot in the center of the brain, truly a 'blue pearl'

It is always amazing to me to see such ancient techniques verified in our modern world.

I'm reading a book right now called Positive Energy and it is really good to get back in touch with this type of material.

2010-May-26 Wed, 16:54
Hi Michelle,

I have read about this study as well and have seen a few documentaries on Western science attempting to document the effects of especially Asian Martial Arts energies.

There is a video on YouTube or Metacafe where a man sets paper wrapped in aluminum foil on fire by projecting energy onto it. Monitoring equipment registers the energy waves emanating from the man's hands.

Can you tell a little more about this Course of Miracles?

2010-May-27 Thu, 03:49
Here is the website. http://www.acim.org
ACIM is A Course In Miracles