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Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-20 Sun, 13:42
ALoha All,

Hopefully Dave gathered some information to give us an idea of how the RV conference went this year. It sure seems strange not to be there and certainly a little strange not to run a Roulette project this year :(


2010-Jun-21 Mon, 08:43
I did miss going to the conference this year but did have an oppportunity to attend my neighbor's 94 & 89th joint birthday party--I am normally out of town for the yearly party, so it was nice to be able to acknowledge their longevity and contribution to friends and family.
Maybe next time in Las vegas we can be a little bolder with our bets at Roulette. My dream is to have raise the money for a Faraday-cage, remote viewing chamber!

Dave Barnes
2010-Jun-21 Mon, 11:07
I'm sitting at McCarran airport now, so this is a first short report, but it's fresh.

The conference was good and there will be a lot of information to convey, but HRVG was definitely missed. Everyone that I spoke to commented on how good the group was, how they had hoped for another innovative presentation, and offered a respectful salute to Glenn. Several speakers made a point of spelling out that Glenn's HRVG group descended from Special Forces.

Jim Channon's and Courtney Brown's presentations are guaranteed to capture people's imaginations when their respective payloads are recognized.

I'll give more detail about the presentations separately, but there weren't any duds.

With respect to IRVA itself, Paul Smith resigned the presidency at the end of the conference. The board will meet or has just met to make changes to the leadership for next year.

The 2011 IRVA conference has been booked at the Green Valley again. The conference dates will be June 17-19th.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-21 Mon, 14:43
Thanks for the news Dave you've got us all leaning forward for more lol. I do know that the New IRVA President is John Stahler, and the new Vice President is Cheryle Hopton. By the way John Alexander turned in his resignation from the board at IRVA and that is likewise good news, Many of you know the problems I have had with him trying to overshadow my work on the recent movie. Paul by the way is still on the Board of Directors at IRVA so he will still be in the game and helping IRVA move forward. I look forward to more news from Dave on how the conference went :)


Dave Barnes
2010-Jul-02 Fri, 18:02
I've finally taken some time this weekend to describe some of the 2010 IRVA presentations. I'm starting with three that should be of general interest to the group. I've paraphrased much of the content of the talks and will put each presentation in its own thread to serve as a seed for any discussion that may follow.

I've tried to be faithful to the authors and have included their material as presented. The first three are pretty long, but their content is relatively involved and difficult to summarize without chopping them up or taking them out of context. --Hopefully the next few will be a little less bulky.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jul-03 Sat, 02:13
Thank you very much for the conference news :) as well as the other behind the scenes support you have been giving. I certainly appreciate the hard work as do we all. Hopefully we will be able to attend next year.


2010-Jul-03 Sat, 04:20
I for one appreciate the hard work too! And if you need a helping hand, let me know Dave.