View Full Version : 4 Viewing, 1 Online, How?

2010-Jun-22 Tue, 20:26
I see 4 people are viewing the board at present. Only I am online. How is this possible? The board has been shut off from the outside world. Do we have people visiting that have access to the forum but aren't registered? Or has Langley Virginia found out a way to snoop around bypassing the perimeter?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-22 Tue, 23:36

Well that is an interesting question.


2010-Jun-23 Wed, 02:20
You don't have to be logged in to view the threads. The only reason I do log in is so I can tell which are new posts.

I always just figured that out of 4 people, only 1 person logged in. Plus, it might be picking people up who are in the Library or Training areas...

Dave Barnes
2010-Jun-23 Wed, 07:39
The discussion group and the site log-in are independent, so only people viewing the discussion board are represented in the "viewing" number. People logged in to the discussion group to write or read messages are displayed as the member number.

It isn't clear if the viewer number always reflects people viewing at a given moment. The ratio of views to posts should be higher if anyone actually looks at the contents. (Some of us have a lurk to post ratio of about 500:1). As we harden the system, we can monitor site and page entries and compare the numbers to the vBulletin-detected viewers to get a better idea.

The site's initial line of defense is intended to avoid being a "crank and flame magnet". The RV area has a history of gross misinterpretation, evaluation, and action by casual observers. We'll do what we can to protect these people from themselves while maintaining a peaceful place for serious site members.

All things considered, some of our prospective audience will be able to access the site through any security system. --Consider Glenn's story about Richard Ireland and the $100 bill. ;)

2010-Jun-23 Wed, 10:12
Dave, I've always wondered how the No Such Agency reads closed forums like this one is right now. Like can a spider be set to index regardless of noindex, nofollow?

How come you know so much about RV discussions by the way? I thought you were a beginner like me and Nigel.

Dave Barnes
2010-Jun-23 Wed, 16:24
I'm a science guy/data research guy so I can't speak for the people in the intelligence agencies. I know enough about their work to appreciate that they don't need to approach the "access" problem they way that average computer people do.

I can't even say that I've paid much attention to many forums other than HRVG because the Signal:Noise ratio here is much better. HRVG's theoretical approach to RV is in line with what I've learned outside of RV and I hope to be able to contribute to the general understanding, too, in time.

As for being a student, yep - I'm one of those, too. I probably will always consider myself that way though, especially here. When you've seen Glenn's, Dick's, Anne's, Jason's, Debra's, Sita's, Jim's, (the list is too long) ... work wow people in international conferences enough times, calling yourself a "student" of this group is really giving yourself a complement. (We're quite lucky!)