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Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-27 Sun, 03:25
Aloha All,

If you can see it the world and beyond is intricately connected. To see the connections you need only spin your awareness up beyond the level of chaos and focus a bit more globally. Sounds like a simple task but it is much more difficult than just saying it. It is more difficult because humans are poor observers. Something I learned a long time ago was entrainment design. Our current concept of entrainment was actually born in Honolulu in Richard Ireland's suite at Don The Beachcombers in Waikiki. While the Roulette application is my work, the concepts that drive it were first clarified by Richard.

Richard's applications were not as sophisticated as the Tanner Dam or our Roulette play in Las Vegas but were nonetheless impressive. The key has always been observation and rehearsal. While certainly not an original concept we have seen it exercised in history and all of us knew conceptually what it was. But we never put the information together in a coherent way. We let beliefs that we had or a lack of understanding get in our way of seeing a part of the environment entrain. If you can remember how old you were when you were first exposed to information relative to entrainment potential I would be interested in knowing what you thought at the time. A bit nebulous so let me ask a few specific questions. How old were you when you read or watched on Television/Media Indians performing a Rain Dance?

A group of people who gathered together to perform a physical action to create an effect unrelated to the action itself. Questions come to mind like did it ever work? And if it didn't why would they continue to do it and it develop as a part of their culture? While a primitive example it clearly lays out the potentials we use in Masking and Entrainment today.

But at the time or any time since what are your thoughts about something as primitive as a Rain Dance. If you ever went to one would you bring an umbrella?

Since we began to work with Masking and Entrainment have you stopped at the potentials already observed in projects such as Tanner Dam or Roulette? Or have you taken it further? If you were in an environment where a greater entrainment was at play would you see it? From the old Patsy Cline days in class I have been hinting at a more robust environment than you might believe exists with the purpose to make some of the doors open a bit, especially in regards to remote viewing and getting data to flow freely. I can't overemphasize how important it is to get your mind right not only about your target work but your environment as well because it is all connected. There are those that would look at remote viewing in the same way we may have looked at the Rain Dance way back when, skeptical and perhaps a bit sorry for those that would believe such a thing. But we have more information now, we have more specific experiences in how observation works and how we have gotten it to work for us.

I have told you all before that what you think really does matter. It has only ever been a question of mind that separates the common man from the Wizard. If you require more of your own observational skills you may find that the environment will begin to cooperate with you on a scale that may scare you a bit. If you have never sat down and wrote out a list of thoughts to think in a specific order, for a specific purpose, perhaps it is time. It is a new level to the rain dance, to entrainment, and to your environment.

I have seen several sessions recently that tell me you are ready to push back against the environment and while you may not be able to control it yet, you are certainly beginning to see others at play within it.


2010-Jun-27 Sun, 10:15
Hi Glenn,

Can you elaborate a bit on what entrainment exactly is? I asked Dick the other day but I think he said I will learn it one day. I have read a lot about it on this forum and every time I read these threads I see the term come up, but cannot associate anything with it. I think it means something along the lines of 'training' the mind using techniques to do something that is not necessarily the same as the entrainment exercise, but does have an effect on whatever is being entrained. Good example would be the Rain Dance. That is, if I understand this correctly.

Also, what do you mean with environment and what with pushing back the environment? Do you mean the physical location where you remote view?

Sorry for these newbie questions. I'm eager to learn.

By the way, I just submitted a session to Dick that actually picked up my mood from down to feeling elevated. I'm discovering new uses for RV every day! :D

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-27 Sun, 17:14
Aloha Coen,

Let’s start slowly here. I will talk about environment first. Environment is the specific observable reality you currently experience. To exist in your environment you have developed along a theme of adaptation. If you were sitting and suddenly decided to stand you would have to push against your environment. It is gravity that you push against to change your location in space and the more quickly you rise you push against the prime dimension “Time”.

In your effort to stand, you have pushed to change your orientation relative to not only space, but time. The doorbell rings and you walk to the door with every step displacing your location in space time, a necessary adaptation in a Universe that requires life to move.

Imagine an empty Universe in which you placed a single photon. That particle would be forced to move towards a potential. It would assume a trajectory and speed relative to the forces of space and its’ mass. It would have a gravity at such a low level that it would also be true to say that it had no detectable gravity, but still it would move, it has to. It must push through space with its electric properties determining its potential. It could well be that gravity is merely the force of space trying to recover its volume displaced by mass. It may be the reason celestial objects prefer the round shape we see in suns and planets. A round planet is shaped from the outside and not from an internal force. Not too unlike a bubble of air rising through the depths of the ocean on its way to the surface. It takes its round shape to protect its internal integrity against an ambient pressure exerted against it from all vectors by the water. In this Universe the most ideal shape for mass is round if the mass can achieve it.

So we have our single photon speeding along in the Universe and we do something to change it. We don’t do anything directly related to the photon itself. Let’s say we go 80 trillion miles away and we do something crazy that would change the Universe forever. We add another photon.

If the single photon gave birth to primitive physics then the 2nd photon brought forth relativity and now our Universe just got infinitely more complex. The first photon is no longer unique and there is something different now. What it does now actually matters and can affect the state of its twin. The simplest form of relative attraction is multiplied a billion times when we look at a complex living organism.

As a human on earth you are awash in a vast spectrum of electromagnetic fields being pressed against the inert mass of the earth itself. You are born of mass and electricity and represent the adaption of both as you seek potentials you could not imagine, but evolve towards. You literally live in the flux of all life and it is only your brains ability to shape mind that gives you self awareness. We are actually very complex as mass. We have adapted plasma to allow different types of mass to function as a single life form. From the solids and liquids, chemicals, and electric synapses and charges we have built the life machine and somewhere along the way decided to allow the single machine to operate unilaterally. Without consciousness we would be no more than a quasi Frankenstein waiting for the doctor to hit us with the lightning. The threshold between states of matter is plasma, from solids, liquids, and gases we find the plasma signature that defines the demarcation lines. There must be a type of plasma that defines the demarcation line between mass and no mass. This would be the quantum floor and the wavelengths here would be the standing waves for every value of mass. Ripples started here would reverberate across the Universe.

I do not believe in string theory but would opt for bubble theory when it comes to consciousness. To connect unrelated bits of data above the quantum you need merely observe them and this creates the reality of their relativity at the quantum. Bell’s theorem lays this out as bubbles, not strings. I think any artist that has ever painted a picture has done exactly that, created a bubble of specific objects to be interpreted as a single effect for your consideration. When Morgan Robertson penned his novella “Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan” did he in fact set an entrainment in motion that breeched the quantum to play out in the reality of the Titanic sinking? Was the Titan Bubble coherent enough to trigger a change to the state of the Titanic bubble? Had the Titanic so many similarities to the Titan that it became relative and the environment cooperated to achieve a fate or destiny that had already been rehearsed? Did history really and literally repeat itself?

Entrainment is nothing more than environment shaping in consciousness. It is a construct to rehearse and place patterns of recognition that become a path to be observed by others. Entrainments are best understood when you begin to design them.

Coen, your reality and the environment are the result of the mélange of mind as you wrestle to comprehend it. When Dick constructed the Tanner Dam entrainment he did so very carefully. By placing specific things in consciousness he became the artist or designer of the bubble the viewers would view. That bubble had been linked to another bubble. Tanner dam was designed to be a mirror to see the future.


2010-Jun-27 Sun, 19:01
Was Tanner Dam a mask?

There is a lot of scientific stuff in your answer but strangely I kept focus whilst reading it and think I understand all or most of it, the gist. I have more questions later. Thank you for taking the time to explain!

2010-Jun-28 Mon, 10:33
Glenn, I like your description about it only been a state of mind that separates the common man from the wizard. I have read about a couple of western researchers who once asked a Indian mystic why he could do all these amazing things and they could'nt. His reply was that we are all like a match but he knows how to strike his. I take this to mean excactly what you stated.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-28 Mon, 12:37
ALoha Coen,

Here is a post from 2008 that may help as well...

Aloha All,

Monday night's class was about "Bell's Theorem" and it's implications for non-locality in Remote Viewing. The fact that non-locality is theoretically viable and provable puts at risk the stability and finality of most of the science based on locality and or relativity. It must have been something the day Einstein had to face the reality that all that is measurable cannot be seen or explained using relativity. It should have brought relativity down and birthed a new science but the old suits of the day would have none of that. It was decided to let the quantum research exist as a separate science. The reality is that there is no fundamental law that we deal with that could not be subject to the laws of the quantum. Relativistic laws are like One-Eyed Science and are incomplete. Doesn't matter which one, pick one or all, they are all incomplete because the science of our time has not yet learned to look in a way that probably only a god could.

What Bell's tells us is that at the level of the electron or smaller there is a floor of propagation that flashes within the entirety of the Universe outside of space and time. This is a fairly significant statement. It means that despite the best efforts of scientific observation they cannot see this realm of super propagation. Nevertheless they know it is there and instead of dismantling relativity and realigning what constitutes science they actually would prefer that it not disturb their funding.

I have actually had very smart/intelligent people tell me that there is nothing that can travel faster than the speed of light. Well even though relativity pretty much prohibits faster than light travel we know that that is not true. I only have to explain the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle allows for particles to travel faster than light and that is a relativistic law, but Special Relativity forbids it. So neutrinos and tachyons are regulated to the science fiction section of science. Go Figure.

Let's get back to the Quantum pool or the flash mirror environment that allows information about the state of a single electron to be passed along to its entangled twin. What is this environment like near the floor of existence for matter? We know that information moves even in our relativistic reality instantaneously regardless of the distance between our electron twins. But what is the pathway that this information travels? It travels along the floor of the base origin of matter itself. It means that all matter is related and arises from a single origin. It is as if the Universe had a core support structure to support mass and it exists in a super condition and is more than likely the reason that the Universe itself does not collapse. It means the Universe was designed to support the existence of matter and mass and outside the quantum floor there are limitations for mass and speed but these limitations do not apply to the environment of the quantum floor.

Given the electron or photon, or any small particle we now know that it can get information outside of space and time that can have a real effect on its state in the relativistic environment. In a flash its rotation can change, in a flash its polarity can change, in a flash it could cease to exist entirely. Fire electron twins down separate corridors of a linear chamber and destroy one in its flight and the other will simply disappear. What they don't tell you is that; every other electron with the same qualities and characteristics, and would qualify to be a twin, will also simply vanish as if they never existed. It may sound strange indeed but alas it is the truth. I challenged the class to begin to model what this quantum pool would be like and what it would look like. It would be a primeval spectrum where like particles would have a resonant place that would be reacting to the states of all particles in the Universe constantly and continuously throughout all time.

If the single particle will pass information to its twins then it stands to reason that it could make and seal the case for a global, if not Universal Consciousness. Consciousness is the constant and continuous micro bursting of field activity in and around the live human brain. It could be that perhaps a thousand years ago someone in Ireland had an electron which; would be a twin to one I possess today. If in its time its state changed then my electron would react to that change and vice versa because remember the rules of space time do not apply. Consider memory as a model and how some memories are just there. A fish bred in captivity that travels the ocean to a remote beach to lay its eggs in the place where all his ancestors did exactly the same thing. It speaks to the timelessness of each of us, and the potentials to be at least in part, in the past, present, and the future simultaneously.

Bell's gives us a viable direction to begin to look for the answers to non-locality. It is not a smoking gun but a plausible pathway we can examine for more complex reflections into reality. If the single particle will reflect off the quantum mirror back up to its twins, what about the molecule, or a complete organism? It may be some time before science redefines itself to approach causation in a quantum way.


2010-Jun-28 Mon, 23:43
Aloha Glenn,

Would you say that entrainment is entanglement on a macro level? Or are they distinctly different phenomena?


Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jun-29 Tue, 03:12
Aloha Tony,

I would have to agree with you that Entrainment is an event of macro entanglement. I have a few problems reconciling several issues relative to the boundaries between entangled mass and a relative entanglement with no mass such as consciousness. Do thoughts have mass? Does observation have mass? Most academics would wail at those questions, but I am seriously considering that it is plausible that thoughts do have mass.

Some Entrainments we have pulled off require a certain amount of cooperation between the world of mass, the world of no mass, and construct abstracts such as randomness and chance. This intimates a much more robust event than simple entanglements. Something more is afoot here.


2010-Jul-29 Thu, 21:05
Bell's gives us a viable direction to begin to look for the answers to non-locality. It is not a smoking gun but a plausible pathway we can examine for more complex reflections into reality. If the single particle will reflect off the quantum mirror back up to its twins, what about the molecule, or a complete organism? It may be some time before science redefines itself to approach causation in a quantum way.
Glenn, you always fascinate me with your elaborate posts, even though I often postpone reading them because I just can't get myself to read it all - finally my interest for the subject pulls me back in and wants to read it.

I've had reading this on my agenda for some time now and am glad I finally did so.

How do you know so much stuff?! When I first got acquainted with you, or rather with who you are and what you do, my impressions were of a smart man with a gung ho background (no offense). There is much more than meets the eye here.

Thanks for explaining this. Though it would be nice if it was possible to catch the meaning of entrainment in one sentence as well, as I completely forgot its meaning now. :)