View Full Version : Congratulations, Dick!

2010-Jun-27 Sun, 15:58
Congratulations, Dick for winning the Excellence in Journalism Award for "Spot News Reporting". It was interesting how you used tagging skills developed by your remote viewing to lead you and the videographer to the surf spot that day where you captured the dramatic footage of, "Surfer Rescued".
I know you use your RV skills a lot at your job as a television reporter and it is nice that this time it got you the accolades of your peers!!


2010-Jun-27 Sun, 18:37
And thank you Debra for making sure this hasn't slipped our minds here for those of us that have no subscriptions to all the highway and byway info feeds of the mind. ;)

Dick, congrats. Hope we get to see some of that work!

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jul-03 Sat, 02:20
Over the last few years we have seen numerous occasions where Dick has amazed us and this is no different. On a no-news day, using his intuition Dick and cameraman snagged the story of the day. I know the story but for those of you that do not, maybe we can get him to write a paragraph or two about it.


2010-Jul-03 Sat, 04:18
Where can we read it Dick? Haul that scanner out already!