View Full Version : Will The Oil Still Be Gushing In September?

Dick Allgire
2010-Jun-28 Mon, 19:28
Check out this work from Coen, our newest star student in the Netherlands. He has been diligently working a lot of validation targets, the normal pretty pictures and unusual gestalts we task in training.

Of course all of his work is done blind.

I slipped him this one: Deepwater Horizon / Wellhead Activity / Sept. 1, 2010.
At HRVG our policy is to stay away from current events targets. We rarely do them. I gave this to Coen to test his ability to struggle with the conscious mind weight of the current event.

The question asked in the tasking: Will oil still be gushing on 1 September? Remember, Coen was not told this was anything to do with the oil catastrophe. It was a blind target, and his work on previous validation targets was good.

Check out the graphics.

2010-Jun-29 Tue, 09:07
Nice work, Coen. Let's hope it means that the oil has stopped (Maybe been diverted to another pipe?) and just water is flowing!

2010-Jun-30 Wed, 03:45
Thanks Dick and Debra, this was actually a peculiar VISID. And I never imagined when I started my training (today exactly 3 months ago) things would be so vivid. My VISIDS have been much clearer lately, but I think a lot of it has to do with what Dick already said is the global consciousness about the oil spill.

It's amazing really, this remote viewing thing. These days when I sit down in front of my table with my stack of paper and pen on top, it's almost as if I'm about to sign an important treaty or something. It really feels special. I wonder if others have this too. Every target I work feels special, even if it's something of little significance (discovering later on after receiving feedback). I think unless you follow training as an insider, being an outsider without doing that training, will never allow you to fully grasp what it's like.

Intent is everything I will repeat again. You can sit down and just think "Let's see what will happen this time" and find it doesn't work. And you can prep your session with intent, carefully matching the vertical line of the paper to match the wooden seam of the table, placing the pen perpendicular, and thinking "I need to blank out now and let the data come to me".

Gosh.. It's an art really. The art of remote viewing.

2010-Jul-05 Mon, 00:13
You did good Coen.
Keep up the good work.