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Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jul-04 Sun, 02:52
Aloha All & Happy Birthday America!!!

Every year a day comes along where we stop to celebrate, but I wonder if the populations that inhabit this great county really understand what exactly they are celebrating. America is under an enormous amount of pressure. Her people are being taxed into oblivion to support the feeding troughs of the congress while 20 million invaders from Mexico undercut our economy seeking that which they do not have. It is a sad irony that so many seeking freedom would threaten the freedom of others. In the time of my Great-Grandfather armed men would have rallied from all over the nation to defend the southern border. Somewhere along the way the government has convinced us that we should not worry and that and they would police our borders, but they have not.

A very long time ago we learned the hard way to cherish the poor freedoms that we would fight for. Freedom earned by the struggle against oppressive taxation and liberty was the prize. On that day that birthed this nation we gave witness and notice in a series of documents that millions in this country cannot even read, nor understand today.

Understanding freedom is difficult. While freedom is deserved by all, in reality only those that will keep it will have it. To keep it you must safeguard it, you must rise up to defend it. That is the responsibility of the individual not the government. What we see around the world is how governments rob the individual of freedom. Do not think even for a moment that in the lull of our awareness that a government would not emerge in America that would look upon us as sheep and aspire to be our shepherd.

Remember that today is the day to ask yourself, ďam I free?Ē Hundreds of thousands of young and old men and women are fighting in far off lands for your freedom and your right to be free. Donít let them come home to find us parked in our pens waiting to be fleeced and sheared because we would not vote out the thief or the liar; because we would not speak out against the obscene or the ludicrous; because we are indifferent as long as the lights are on and there is something to eat.

Itís Independence Day and on this day I am free. Choices have to be made, voices need to be heard. If you keep faith with her, America will always be free.


2010-Jul-04 Sun, 14:58
I fear that we have let go so long now that there will be no choice but to stand and fight. There is much more that is unsettling and we cannot turn back time to do the right thing. Many innocent people are going to get hurt now because we did not do the right thing 25 or 30 years ago. Many hispanic Americans who were born here and watched their parents work just as native born Americans work will be conflicted on having to draw a firm line that leaves aunts, uncles and cousins on the other side of the border. It is disturbing that many illegals have never taken the time in a lifetime of living here to get straight with immigration standards. Families will be split. Already innocent lives are being lost as immigrants are subject to violence from the drug cartels that are using them to make examples.

I see a rough road ahead and it will not get any easier by sitting in the corner with our hands over our eyes.

Freedom here will be hard fought and won in the near future. But, for today..we are at peace and free. And I hope to be just as amazed as I was in the aftermath of 9/11 when for the first time in our history every single plane was grounded instead of shooting planes out of the sky. I hope that cooler heads can prevail in this situation as they have in the past. American's are a peace loving nation and I hope on this day we can continue to make peace. I am prepared for more if that is the situation.

Dick Allgire
2010-Jul-04 Sun, 22:48
American's are a peace loving nation and I hope on this day we can continue to make peace.


Okay, I'll stop. We should stick to remote viewing.