View Full Version : Debra and Anne Going to the Big Island...

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Jul-14 Wed, 23:08
Aloha All,

I think Debra has got most of her tasks completed arranging the trip to the Big Island of Hawaii for her and Anne. They are going to attend a weekend training opportunity offered by Jim Channon to the Guild in Intuitive sketching. They will meet up with 2 students from the mainland who are also attending the training. I hope Debra takes heaps of pictures and can write something up about the class to share with the rest of us here. If the course is awesome then we can send more folks over as we can afford it.

Thanks for moving quickly on this Debra :)


2010-Jul-15 Thu, 01:17
Too bad I can't be "sent over" too. :p