View Full Version : Compliments to Debra...

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Aug-04 Wed, 13:22
Aloha All,

I would like to offer my congratulations and compliments to Debra on her excellent showing in the Mysteries Project Target # 2. In recent months we have seen her produce some great RV work. I think Debra has solved part of the riddle to land squarely at target and it is my understanding that she is using edging as her gateway. Perhaps we can get her thoughts on how she has adapted methodology to brighten her aperture early on in her approach to target.

Nice Job Miss Debra....


Dick Allgire
2010-Aug-04 Wed, 18:11
I actually rolled the video camera and got Debra on tape discussing her approach to this target. How she enters the arena via Edging.

I think Glenn has been waiting for one of us to figure this out, probably for the last 8 years.

I'll get the video up pretty soon.