View Full Version : Derrek Lee

Dick Allgire
2010-Aug-18 Wed, 12:48
I just want to put this on the record.

I follow baseball. For several years when I've seen Derrek Lee (tall first baseman for the Chicago Cubs) I have had a feeling that I could best describe as a "future memory." I sense him making a historic hit, like a walkoff hit in a big playoff game, something that will be remembered- his signature moment. Derek Lee with a big swing and a soaring hit, he tosses the bat, and rounds first base while the crowd cheers.

Will this moment be replayed?

Lee was traded today to the Atlanta Braves, a playoff contender.

Dick Allgire
2010-Sep-19 Sun, 21:49
Derrek Lee hits a game-winning grand slam to win a game in a tight pennant race, but I still think there is a bigger hit coming.