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Dave Barnes
2010-Aug-26 Thu, 11:08
Tony pointed out that the site was inaccessible to iPads and such where the black name and password fields aren't recognized. I've added a "side door" for members that should work with anything. You may want to bookmark it for routine use. (It's a little less stern.)



2010-Sep-03 Fri, 17:55
Ah thanks, Dave, I think this might save us an extra click. I had to log in twice today. That hasn't happened before.

After I had logged in via the black page, I had to log in on the forum in order to post; Then Firefox asked me to remember my password but instead of making a new entry for the forum, it asked me to change my password - the one for the site. Obviously it's not recognizing the forum as a separate thing. Don't worry about it though, I can live with it.