View Full Version : Timing? Luck? Intuition?

Dick Allgire
2010-Aug-28 Sat, 19:43
Watch this video report. I was covering people watching the Hawaii team playing live on national TV in the Little League World series.

Now, during the game, I don't stand there with a microphone in my hand talking the whole time. I sit and watch the game, do some interviews, and wait to do my "on camera standupper" later.

Today, somehow, I knew to grab the microphone, yell to my cameraman, "Right now! Turn the camera on me!" I stood up in front of the people watching (blocking the view of some) and yelled, "If they score one more run..."

This was live. There could have been a passed ball. There could have been a foul ball, there could have been groundout to the shortstop or second baseman. There could have been a pop fly. There could have been a swing and miss.

Somehow, I knew and acted without thinking. You see me on camera, then -without seeing it- I yell, "Here they come" and point to the screen (Live, not a replay) and winning run comes across, the crowd goes wild.

I either got really lucky, or there was some intuition involved. There were no other takes.

Congratulations to the team from Waipio.



2010-Sep-03 Fri, 18:02
Another great 'moment of inspiration' I'd call that! Inspiration works from intuition, or so I believe. We either choose to ride, or discard it. You felt it kick in, and acted upon it. The greatest feeling in the world next to being in love.