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Dave Barnes
2010-Sep-19 Sun, 12:46
I made a tachistoscope page available that some people might find useful. It's intended to help exercise perception of images seen for just a moment.

If you would like to try it, it's here: Tachistoscope (http://hrvg.org/tools/tachy.php)

... and some help information for it is here: Tachistoscope help (http://hrvg.org/article_style2.php?getarticleid=137)

- Dave

2010-Sep-20 Mon, 01:35
Dave, I'm going to give this a go! This'll help tremendously with Blackboard. Thanks so much.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Sep-28 Tue, 23:31
Ok Ran the battery down on my I-Phone looking at these images.



Dick Allgire
2010-Sep-29 Wed, 20:39
The background (Blackboard) is white, but this is very similar to what I experience in Visual Ideogram.

The need to perceive and capture the image instantly is similar. However, when I see an image while looking on Blackboard while remote viewing, the image is in darkness- not a white field- and it is less clear but lasts a beat longer.

Also, in Visual Ideogram, while the primary sense is vision, you also get kinesthetic and intuitive knowledge about the target.

Still, this is a good approximation of what you get in Visual Ideogram. I once made slides and did a similar effect to train students.

Thanks Dave.


2010-Oct-18 Mon, 14:44
Interesting Dave. Some of them I got right away. Others I had to do twice or more,