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Dave Barnes
2010-Sep-19 Sun, 12:47
Does anybody have suggestions for "clearing intent" after working targets? I've had the experience where I've finished my session work then after getting feedback, I find myself revisiting the target unintentionally as if my subconscious is nudging with "By the way", and "It is really more like this".

There isn't anything traumatic about this for me, but the thoughts are presented like nagging reminders of unfinished business or something I've forgotten to do.

2010-Sep-19 Sun, 13:53
Happens to me when I'm locked on a target. I think it's just the lower thresholds firing off. Probably drives Dick crazy. Sometimes I'll pop off three or four extra emails.

Dick Allgire
2010-Sep-19 Sun, 19:48
The more you work, the better you get... You will start getting stuff BEFORE you work a target, and well AFTER.

Two days before I worked the last op target, on my day off, I had a sudden urge to visit a place. I went there and just kind of hung out. It was a location that had the exact gestalts of the target I was going to work. I realized this, and had to struggle with the realization as I sat down to work.

Glenn worked the Mathew Brady target on camera in front of the class. Before he ever started he told us, "I was driving and saw a road named Saratoga and I knew it was part of this target I'm going to work." (Brady lived in Saratoga, NY.)

And after you work a target it will "catch up with you." After you finish your session it is common for ideas and realizations to come to mind.

Dave, you're moving from practice (find-a-photo-on-the-internet-and-give-it -an-ID) targets to real op targets. There is big difference. What you are experiencing is the difference. It's good to talk about.

Here's the thing. Remote viewing works because it is all connected. When you remote view you allow yourself to be connected. The more connected you become, the more connected things seem.


2010-Sep-20 Mon, 01:43
Very nicely put, Dick, that last sentence. I'm finding so many things people say here that could serve as one-liner quotes, it's wonderful.

I've not had what Dave describes yet though. I'm sure it'll come with practice. Even with Debra's last op target, which was my first real success, I did not have any after thoughts. Only during session I felt uneasy.