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2010-Sep-20 Mon, 01:44
I'm thinking about taking some meditation classes, specifically to improve my remote viewing ability. I have no other reason to take the class really. Do you think this will help more than a little?

2010-Sep-21 Tue, 08:11
Formal meditation training helped me more than I could have ever imagined :-)

2010-Sep-22 Wed, 02:03
I need good advice on this. What kind do you advise? A friend on mine from Denver says I should look into Kundalini, because it's supposedly very powerful and opens up a lot of chakras. I'm not really into that stuff at all, but lately I am finding myself drawn to it more and more. Not because 'it', but because of my desire to lose the ego and merge with the universal subconscious (I can't believe what I just typed..). I want to improve my RV skill.

2010-Sep-23 Thu, 12:06
There are 2 main categories:

1) Meditation that develops one-pointed concentration


2) Meditation that develops insight (or wisdom)


I have found that #1 develops the ability to stay with a task/target, while #2 has helped me develop the ability to feel and sense a wide variety of phenomena.

2010-Sep-25 Sat, 01:32
Looks like I need to do both. I'd say do the first one first, then the other one. Or maybe vice versa.

Thank you Jim.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Sep-28 Tue, 23:29
Meditation has never been a strong suite for me. Every time I really tried to get into it I would either drop quickly to sleep (yes I can fall asleep sitting up lol) or into an altered state where all manner of craziness commenced to manifest itself.


2010-Oct-03 Sun, 12:49
I've always thought that being in an altered state IS meditation. I can only get there lying, or sometimes in the summer near a small pond, or lately when remote viewing.

Dick Allgire
2010-Oct-03 Sun, 20:14
Do some work in S-4. Master that. The next step (Edging, Priming, S-5) is the gateway you've been waiting for.


2010-Oct-03 Sun, 21:52
Last week was crazy, this week will be better. Looking forward to more S4 work!

2010-Oct-25 Mon, 02:03
I just got off the phone with a Kundalini Yoga teacher here in Rotterdam. I am signing up for daily classes, at 18:30 in the evening. Yeah! I'm so ecstatic! Very excited to get started. Very curious to see what effect it will have on my remote viewing. :D

2010-Oct-27 Wed, 10:11
So I had my first class of Kundalini Yoga on Monday. That was something else! It's very intense and the combination of sudden muscle tension and stretching with meditation intervals (up to 3 separate intervals of each 10 to 15 minutes within 1.5 hours) is a very effective combination! In just this first lesson I was able to completely rid my head of mind chatter! I remember lying there and just observing myself being calm and realizing I wasn't thinking about anything. But then once I realized that, the thinking started again so I went back to observing mode.

They talk alot about the third eye and the energy lines and such. My teacher said that Kundalini Yoga is not so much about posture (if at all) but especially about settling the mind. This is exactly what I needed!

I haven't RV'd in a while again and my next Yoga class is tomorrow. I will try out the exercises right before RV hopefully on Friday and see if it makes a difference and report back here.

I've also done many sessions now with prior to them running/jogging for prolonged periods of time but I still can't stop the mind chatter with that.

Oh by the way, (off-topic) I've come across some military guy that's worked for the US Govt on secret projects involving gathering intelligence through Astral Projecting. Apparently there is the made-up-world copy astral dimension (the one generated by the mind and that of others) but also the real-time astral dimension that is an exact copy of the real-world where you can actually go places in the real world and gather intelligence. I don't have an interest in that myself but it would cool to go places in the real world without a jet lag! :D