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2010-Oct-14 Thu, 01:10

Please take the time to watch it begin to end. 5:18 Minutes

2010-Oct-21 Thu, 12:26
Dave, please delete this topic. I will refrain from posting these kinds of topics here in the future.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Oct-23 Sat, 01:32
Aloha Coen,

No worries with the off topic content. I have always been a Jesse fan but there are some things he has forgotten in his demolition training; Cascading dust initiation implosions in a super chimney. Because the inferno was high in both buildings it changes the air pressure and air flow in the building below the site of the impacts. Fire requires oxygen and with the weight of the structure above the inferno the air in these building became compressed on the floors below the impact floors. It was just a matter of time before the upper portion of the building above the impact failed structurally and began a massive compression of the inferno against the compressed air in the floors below the inferno. The pressure wave of the falling upper structure forces a dust or particle initiation implosion which begins to cascade with greater force as the building begins to drop. That is why there were no flames and huge explosive events. Implosions are pressure events and the massive dust and smoke in the building was the fuel that brought the buildings down. The World Trade Center buildings became Super Chimneys within minutes of the impacts. The fuse that sets it off is the failure of the super structure above the impact. It becomes a train that cannot be stopped.


2010-Oct-23 Sat, 13:09
Looks like you already worked this target. ;)

Seriously, this is not my forte. I believe your expertise.

I just wish someone at the top would've said what you just did, then there'd be a heck of a lot less questions from people like myself.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2010-Oct-24 Sun, 13:26
There are so many theories about how the towers dropped made by experts around the world that it calls into question if there really is such a thing as an expert. My only experience has been working with C-4 and bulk black powder so I am not an expert either. Despite what we all we able to see unfold live on television that early morning there are some that simply cannot believe what they saw. The fact that it happened at all is unbelievable.