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2011-Jan-06 Thu, 15:55
Hi Glenn,

This is a question for you.

I would like to know what you can tell me about the Pineal Gland in relation to Remote Viewing. Not what you find on Google, but what you already know of it.

I am particularly interested in its relation to Remote Viewing because I have heard that Skate Liver Oil decalcifies the Pineal Gland in countries where the water supply is being fluoridated. As you may know, water fluoridation is detrimental to the brain's function to visualize and visualization is a big part of the RV process (e.g. Black board). So in other words, if the Pineal Gland's function can be increased through decalcification as well as enhancing its function, by Skate Liver Oil, then that is worth investigating.

Not sure if I'm making sense here. Maybe I need to rephrase.

I've been taking this stuff now - together with Cod Liver Oil + High Vitamin Butter Oil - for about 3 weeks. I can attest that my dream imagery has become so vivid, and my lucidity increased to such a high degree, that this can not be coincidental.

I'm thinking about writing an article for Dick (I'm not sure if I can reveal this on the forum here so I will just leave it at that) about this.

Your insights are appreciated!

Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Jan-08 Sat, 01:50
Aloha Coen,

I don’t know much about the pineal gland and I am not a doctor but I will give you what I think I know about the pineal gland’s function. There is a relationship between the Pineal gland and our environment. It is a controller of sorts to match our physical and mental states to that environment. As an infant when you first begin to open your eyes and process light I believe these are the first programs for the pineal gland. It is the first major settings of time for the body and it is to align your sense of time to the sidereal day. Whether you know it or not the pineal gland can tell the difference between morning light, afternoon light, evening light, and all light in-between. A necessary tool I believe because it is the first behavioral hint for your safety, that being to sleep at night when the predators are about. It releases chemicals to hint to you it is time to sleep or to wake. Even with the eyes closed sensations of light are still processed by the pineal clock.

I think we all can recognize the nuances in light; the recognition of dusk and dawn, the bright light of noon, or the easy light of twilight. In remote viewing it is how I instinctively know the time at the target because I use the light at target to tell. Something else it tells me is if the target is past, future, or present. I believe these are all processes of pineal triggers.

Calcification of any gland should be avoided if at all possible. I have no reason to believe that calcification of the pineal gland is a bad thing, but it does make a few alarms go off. Losing the ability to keep track of the time of our environment may make it difficult to keep track of our reality.


2011-Jan-11 Tue, 17:08
Coen, Glenn,
Hope you don't mind if I jump in on this one. Several years ago, I use to study and practice ESP with a group of people who were interested in these things. We would break off into groups, one set would send data, the other would receive.

Both the pineal and pituitary glands were affected by what we did. When we sent information, we noticed the area just above the center between our eyes would throb. After awhile, we had to stop. When we were the recipients, some of us had a tingling sensation on the back of our head near center bottom. Each time we switched positions, we noticed something "activated" inside us. The results were remarkable.

In targeteering, the same area used during sending sessions would throb when I am focused on encrypting the target to the event, or photo, etc. I believe there is a strong connection betwee the electromagnetic impulses our brain exudes and the energy of the "intent."

In remote viewing, I believe this may be key to obtaining good target data. Now, I can't prove this, nor can I say with certainty that if you do this, then that will happen. I can only speak from actual experience.

Much like leaving the body. The other night, I "woke" up out of body. I knew I was out of body because I could "see with my eyes closed" and was aware that my body was lying there, inert. I saw 2 mosquitoes flying around me and it bothered me to the point that when I returned to the body, I immediatey woke up and looked for places where the mosquitoes filled up on blood. It was eerie.

2011-Jan-18 Tue, 17:17
Thank you Glenn and Sita!

Sita, I did not know you have had OBE's. I am very much interested in this subject. I know it is not RV, but I find it fascinating that both things can be used to gather data that way. I've only been able to induce them a few times whereas the first time it happened by accident. There's quite a bit of things you have to let go of in order to successfully induce them, such as alcohol, sugar, too little sleep and such.