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Dick Allgire
2011-Jan-23 Sun, 17:08
as a patriotic American, how do you feel about an anti American song being played by Communist Chinese in the White House?


Do you think this was not planned, or known about in advance?


Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Jan-24 Mon, 01:51
Interesting, and I will not do this often especially since this is our RV forum.

This presidency has been a great disappointment. I do not believe that this president really knows what America is. While I doubt he will do much more damage than he has I won't underestimate him. While I never thought he would be elected he was. I had made up my mind to give him a fair chance to serve America as he was the national choice. I have since stopped believing he knows what he is doing. Surrounded by communists, thieves, marxists, liars, and America haters he is just a grave mistake by a well intentioned system. He seems determined to eek from America a pound of flesh. I will have to hold my breath while America begins to recover from this Frankenstein of a social experiment.

The American President must 1st and foremost protect all Americans. He must love America and never harm her. This president holds a knife to her throat and is furiously trying to kill her.


2011-Jan-24 Mon, 05:06
Truly an amazing event.
Would this event meet the criteria for a remote viewing project in the future?
What it planned and was it appropriate? I don’t know: I think it depends on how you “frame” it.
We are always “framing” and “reframing “our perceptions every day. Most of us are so caught up in our patriotic views it is unlikely one would stop to reframe this event and see if there is another way of looking at what transpired. Most of us would say “How dare he do this! How disrespectful!” Another person could if they so desired “reframe” it and say, “Only in America is it possible to do this and recognize another view contrary to our democratic way of life.” By “reframing” the event in a positive light one is putting a positive spin on an event that would be and is, seen as a big negative against the back drop of American values. It becomes a matter of intention and choice as to how we look at something.

Regarding Obama, it is going to be very difficult to “reframe” our way of looking at this President; at present he seems to have done a poor job in the Presidency.

Is calling him a communist justified? I don’t know. If stopping the oil drilling off the coast while other countries continue to drill, in our best interest? I don’t know what he knows,(assuming he has information we are not given access to) it is likely he may know things going on we are not privy to and has made a judgment call; I don’t know.

What I do see is that we are in deep "dog duty," but so is the whole world; in this we are not alone.

Is there a positive flip side to this man and his presidency and can we reframe it to be so without creating a "pleasant fiction" in an effort to see the positive?


2011-Jan-25 Tue, 17:23
Yeah, as for the tune played at the White House, the WH has a protocol officer who is supposed to double check and deconflict events down to what goes where, so the tune should have gone through the protocol process. We do that here when we play a Tattoo for the general, so the incident at the WH should have been even more stringent. The WH protocol officer should have run quality control on the event!

2011-Jan-25 Tue, 17:28
Hey Dick, Glenn, Robert,
I won't call the president incompetent..there are 3 bodies which make up the government so what happens to one affects all. His decisions are sanctioned by the people placed in those decision-making roles by the voters, good or bad, right or wrong. No matter who runs the government, someone somewhere will be dissatisfied.

2011-Jan-26 Wed, 05:28
"I won't call the president incompetent."
Yea, your probably right. Not sitting in this chair I can't really be critical, though I am good at it.(:-) If someone were to put me in his position for just one week
(I'm sure I could do some damage(:-)) I'd be hard pressed to run the presidency. Heck, I have hard enough time balancing my own check book, let alone the National Budget!:rolleyes: