View Full Version : Feedback on the Room- thoughts

Dick Allgire
2006-Jun-13 Tue, 22:02
There seem to be too many stick figures, X’s and O’s, nebulous swirls, and vague generalities generated in most remote viewing sessions. It has always been like this. It is why so many viewers love to work esoteric, non-verifiable targets. You can be an imposter; draw circles and squares and several lines linking them for your S-3, or describe all kinds of fuzzy quasi-spiritual sounding new age crap and it's a HIT. Who can ever judge when feedback is impossible or at best unlikely?

Our task in working The Room was to be precise, to be detailed, to generate a large volume of specific and unambiguous data. Concrete feedback can be tough on the ego. It's not so easy when it's a real target and the client is going to send you photos and documentation. The point is you have to trust your execution of the protocols and go out on a limb. Extend yourself. Go for more. Produce more than just 12 slim pages of session work. Grab a hold of it like a bulldog and work quickly and don’t let go. Several of us produced profoundly significant data on the Room target but didn’t have the guts or the mental energy to follow up. We had that moment where we were “on” and we could have cascaded that thread to amazing detail.

From the preliminary feedback the work was very good, better than most that has been produced under such strict double blind protocol. Glenn was right in his Hotwax; nothing in the civilian RV world would top what was put on the table last night. We’ll see how we stack up against Joe McMoneagle, and I look forward to seeing Glenn’s sked. (Glenn also worked the target blind and submitted a session to the client earlier.)

We should strive to produce like Joe and Glenn. If you draw a stick figure and feedback confirms that there is a person at the target, sure that is considered “good” data. Better if you drew a man with a beard at the first table. Not bad. Did you not trust that there was a man with a beard at a table, or were you not curious enough to find out more about him? Why not keep probing and find out what he was really up to? Some of the newer viewers at HRVG may not have had Law One reinforced. If you can obtain any valid target via remote viewing, then you can obtain ALL target data (all sensory data) via remote viewing. Okay, I confess I drew the guy with the beard and didn’t keep going.

The target was a conference room. Jason and Maria clearly defined this in their sessions. There was a confrontation during the board meeting. Jason plainly had this. There was some criminal intent and wrongdoing, and some of that came out in my session. Don’t we all wish he had followed those threads a bit farther? We could have.

It was an interesting project. I think we all learned from it. Still waiting for photos and more specific feedback.

There was some nice work produced. No shame.