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Dick Allgire
2011-Feb-06 Sun, 22:26
This is a true story.

I was driving home from work Sunday evening, after the Super Bowl, no traffic. Going the speed limit down King Street.

Out of the blue I thought about vehicular homicide. I just started pondering the fact that a person could not necessarily be a criminal, but driving a car, could make a mistake and kill someone and face prison.

I felt a palpable anxiety, a quickening pulse and nervousness.

For an instant I saw the world as a chaotic place, with people driving and taking actions with no real control or supervision, like a million pinballs in a pinball machine, careening around with potentially disastrous results. I was frightened driving home. Why?

It was one of those thoughts that made me ponder, “Why would I think of that?”

Then I recognized it for what it was. After 14 years of remote viewing training I now understand why I think such thoughts.

I consciously said to myself. “I have to be careful.”

I slowed down. I drove like an old lady, changed lanes cautiously. I turned left off of King Street on to Keeaumoku Street.

I usually speed a bit to make the lights and get home. Coming up to Young Street I slowed even more.


The driver didn’t just run a yellow light that was turning red. This light, for him, had been red for at least 15 seconds. He blew through it without slowing down.


Say in Korean, “teh-teh-teh.”

2011-Feb-07 Mon, 05:43
Thats interesting.

I had something similar happen to me awhile back only it involved a robbery.

My son's wife (now ex-wife) was working right up the street from where I live at a mini-mart/gas station. I was taking a causal stroll in that direction when I thought, "She should be careful working at this place. She could easily be robbed." I decided to walk over to the mini-mart since I was only a block away and sure enough, she HAD been robbed just minutes before. The robbery was not at gun point; she was lucky It was someone she knew who dropped in, waited for her to open the register and accidently on purpose drop some change behind the counter. She stooped down behind the counter to pick up the money, he reached into the register and grabbed the cash and ran.

He was a young guy, a couple bricks short of a full load. The police caught him but for whatever the reason he was eventually let go! Figure that one out!