View Full Version : Friday dead lline...ESLS-TRFC

2011-Mar-01 Tue, 10:29
Anyone can do this session. If you don't have HRVG training use whatever method your trained in.
send to HRVG_23targets@yahoo.com


2011-Mar-02 Wed, 05:56
C'mon viewers! Robert is being tested as a targeteer. He cannot do this unless all cooperate and provide him session work. Please try to help him through this...need everyone to cooperate, please!!!!

Robert, please extend the deadline one more week.

Everyone, please send your session work to Robert. He is being graded.

Again, need everyone to please cooperate. If you don't have time to work targets, please try to get your session at least to S3, if you can.

Thank you,

2011-Mar-02 Wed, 08:23
Thanks Sita for your encouragement.
After we've all done the target we can all kick back on the window sill and have a glass of wine together!;)

2011-Mar-16 Wed, 22:35

Dick gave me this target if I remember correctly, so I passed it on to him for feedback. Then found out it was yours.

Please let me know if there are other targets I can work for you to let you advance. I'm glad to see you've picked up RV again.


2011-Mar-17 Thu, 05:41
Correction: I worked ISHP-PCKR instead. My bad. Sent that session to Sita (S1 until S4).