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Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Mar-07 Mon, 00:58
Congrats Robert,

I have been looking at the work on the target you published and it seems like you stitched that target into the ether just fine. My compliments to Dave for his excellent and interesting session on that target. It's a keeper Dave and besides telling you a bit more about how your own mind processes complex data, it also makes the Case for Remote Viewing.

Perhaps Robert and Dave could get this published on the website. Everyone has a day in which they shine brightly, a good target, targeted well, and a winning session. A good day for the Guild.

Nice job Robert and Dave...


2011-Mar-07 Mon, 05:42
Thanks Glenn. I'll see what Dave can do on publishing it. Phil had some good things as well: lots of energy in the Gestalts and that target is about as energetic as can get.

Sita looked them over and made the following comments: Debra has good gestaltic data on sensory items like shiny, smooth, the ladder on her silo in edging.

Phil: He did a good job with the target data he got. The gestalts are there..curves, points, wedges.

Dave:Wow! Excellent work.


Dave Barnes
2011-Mar-26 Sat, 16:57
I put the session into the "Recent Sessions" section after your post. You must have made the target "bright" for me.

Someday I hope to do sessions where my conscious mind stays out of the labeling area a little bit better.

Thanks for letting us ride along with you, Robert!

2011-Mar-27 Sun, 07:56
>Someday I hope to do sessions where my conscious mind stays out of the labeling area a little bit better.<

You and me both. There are some days I can hit the target right on or get close to it but, there are several days In a row I can't even get close! Its like my brain just dries up.