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2011-Mar-16 Wed, 19:06
I tried to access http://psitargets.net and get the following message.
"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded." Do you know who is caring for this site? I can't check the feedback for targets I am doing at this site until this is corrected.

2011-Mar-16 Wed, 22:41
Hi Robert,

Maybe I can help. The Wayback Machine at archive.org archives many websites (including HRVG which I check for targets when I don't feel like poking Dick for them). When you visit it, you can enter the URL of any site and see its history in several snapshot intervals. Not everything is in there, but a lot is. I just tried http://psitargets.net/ but it seems the archive.org site is down again like it was two days ago. Yesterday it was fine. Try it a few times.

Last I remember is that Jason made that site, from HRVG.

Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Mar-25 Fri, 00:29

Don't forget our sister site http://www.psiquest.net we have some interesting videos in the media section there. The site is hosted by Kam Majd for us.



Dave Barnes
2011-Mar-26 Sat, 17:14
The videos on the PsiQuest site -are- interesting. Thanks for bringing that up!

Re: Coen's note about the Internet archives, we should have all of the HRVG targets available in the archives in the the Targets section: Targets (http://hrvg.org/targets.php) down at the bottom under Target Archive in lists by year. If you have trouble getting to these, let me know.

I also recommend Lyn Buchanan's targets: Lyn's Target of the Week (http://www.crviewer.com/TARGETS/targetindex.asp). I try them using my own HRVG-like IDs making up a code for the date.

(The PsiTargets.Net site was nice but I haven't seen it running for quite a while.)