View Full Version : Shiprock session turns into.....

2011-Apr-02 Sat, 07:45
I am amazed how the Shiprock session turned into something else, entirely. Seems your "tuned" into the cosmos at large...and its a big cosmos! (:-)

In looking up more information on Shiprock I found an a photo taken from space. It's quite beautiful. The Navaho believed the rock was once a giant bird that saved them from a war like group of Indian's by flying them up and away to the land now known as New Mexico. Look at the attachment and see what appears to be a beautiful set of wings!

BTW I had said that people came to the area to rock climb. The resource I got that from was incorrect; due to religious significance of Shiprock, NO ONE is allowed to climb that edifice! People DO climb the rock but under risk of prosecution; it is illegal!