View Full Version : Mackenzie Cowell Case Posted

2011-Apr-23 Sat, 08:21
Hi All,

I finally finished the write-up for the Mackenzie Cowell case (Session M4C9-W1W7) and it is posted in the Projects section of our web site. The full sessions, analysis and S7 Annex A results will be linked there shortly.

Everyone did an extraordinary job in gathering information for this project. I am very grateful for the exemplary work of the viewers, the exacting work of the analyst and everyone who assisted me along the way (especially helping me work through the mire of Microsoft Word).

Please take a look at all your hard work.


Dick Allgire
2011-Apr-24 Sun, 11:01
Very good presentation Debra. Well done.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Apr-25 Mon, 02:17

A very nice compilation and presentation of the work done on this project. My compliments on a great job on both the management and the publication. I am hoping Dick's Aperture article on this project generates interest on this project outside of just the Guild.

Great job!