View Full Version : Call for assistance..

2011-Apr-27 Wed, 07:33
Are there any Google Earth guru's out there?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Apr-29 Fri, 00:30
Not a great Google Earth type :) but what do you need help with??


2011-Apr-29 Fri, 18:11
I want to learn how to work the night sky function. But, I want to be able to see the night sky on any given date.

I know there are forums and the like, but from what little I've seen, google earth just goes to a location...it's not date driven in any way.

2011-May-05 Thu, 20:08
The Star Walk app for the IPad is amazing. By pointing the IPad skyward in any direction the IPad will show on the screen in real time the stars, constellations and planets in that sector for your geographical location or any other.

It also has a Time Machine function which will show the sky at different points in time, past or future at any location.

2011-May-06 Fri, 08:46
Thanks, I will keep that in mind!