View Full Version : So Bin Ladin is dead.....

2011-May-02 Mon, 09:43
So Bin Ladin is dead; so now what?

Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-May-08 Sun, 19:04
As more of the story comes out over the next few years it will be interesting. I firmly believe that the Seal could have body slammed him and stuck him in a bag instead of a first opportunity head shot. I think I would want to have him chained to a chair for a few years where he would tell us everything he ever knew. After that I would put him in a dungeon until he passed away in his own time.


2011-May-11 Wed, 08:48
So uh..., what are you like when you get really upset? :D

2011-May-12 Thu, 08:08
I've only seen one article that said that even tho he was unarmed, he was in reach of an AK47. So, I can understand that they killed him while they had him. I'm tired of us chasing him all over the Middle East.

Dick Allgire
2011-May-12 Thu, 20:54
It's all fake. None of it is true.


Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-May-22 Sun, 00:41
If they sent in Seals then I can assure you... someone got shot... :)

I for one believe. The integrity of these men and women on this operation can be trusted. Especially since the part of the services that pulled this off are not Obama fans. They would never LIE for him.