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2011-May-06 Fri, 20:16
Hi Dick,

Have you seen the animation of your session, Life on Mars, on Courtney's website? Pretty cool.

While at target did you get any impression that your presence was not wanted there? The reason I ask is that David Morehouse gave us a target which was the surface of Mars. When Pat acquired the target, seeing only a barren topography, she gave a movement direction to go below the surface.
Whereupon she found herself in a large chamber which contained some sort of water works. There were several tall humanoids there and she got the impression that this was a very important installation.She also felt they were aware of her presence and that she was not wanted there. I believe Joe McMoneagle had the same feeling when he remote viewed the interior of a UFO.

2011-May-07 Sat, 10:05
Hi Tony:

If I remember correctly, Joe said they were aware of his presence but I don't remember him saying they didn't want him there. I'll have to get another copy of his book as I gave Mind Trek away to an aquaintance interested in RV. BTW I'm sending your a PM.