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I Googled it and found these links:


It appears however, that the Neuro-Phone is no longer being manufactured;:mad: Too bad.


2011-May-26 Thu, 08:51
Is Echofone anything like Neurophone?


• xtends High Frequency Perception of Sounds
• Greatly Increases Fidelity of Quality Recordings
• Greatly Enhances Spatial Dimension of Sounds
• Helps to Augment Hearing In Listeners with High Frequency Hearing Loss

The Echofone generates the sensation of sound through neural induction, without any mechanical stimulation of the listener’s eardrums. The Echofone extends your hearing perception to sounds well above anyone’s hearing range. Music and sound from any high quality source comes alive with astonishing fidelity and dimension.

Echofone is a straightforward distribution amplifier.

Echofone enables the listener to articulate higher frequencies and overtones via skin and bone conduction.

Just like sound tables that reproduce a low frequency vibro-tactile experience, Echofone reproduces a high frequency vibro-tactile experience.

With the Echofone you can hear sound before the transducers make contact with the body. And, when the transducers make contact, you will experience these higher frequencies and overtones not processed via the ear canal.

The perceptual expansion of overtones above your normal hearing range adds a sense of depth to many recordings. For example, you can close your eyes and perceive where instruments in a recorded orchestra actually are in space. Remarkable, but true!

Using the Echofone adds a realism much in the same context as attending a live concert. Much information about the position of sounds in the recording environment is encoded in the overtones. These overtones can often be above your normal hearing range, however with the Echofone you are able to perceive them. This perceptual expansion adds a sense of depth to many recordings. For example, with the Echofone you can close your eyes and actually sense where the instruments are located in a recorded orchestration. This can significantly affect one's emotional response to music because it involves you more within the music itself, resulting in a more profound psychologically and, perhaps, physiologically effect.

The results are enhanced tone, crispness and depth … greatly amplifying the fidelity of quality recordings. If you have any high frequency hearing loss, such as damage caused by exposure to loud sounds, Echofone allows perception of the full dynamic range of music without missing the high frequencies.

Recommended for: sound therapy sessions, programs with binaural beats, listening to high quality recordings of music, learning languages and other instances where extremely faithful reproduction is required.

FAQ about Echofone
• What sound sources can be used with Echofone?

CD players, DVD players, cassette players, stereo receivers, any sound source that features a headphone, or line level outputs.
• Are there certain kinds of music or sound that are better than others?

Echofone will enhance the listening experience of recordings that feature a wide dynamic range of sound.

Classical, jazz, rock and roll, country, you name it, as long as there are instruments in the recording that produce higher audio frequencies, i.e., strings, brass, etc., your Echofone will take the listening experience to a higher level. Even vocals sound better.

Other sounds well represented by Echofone are nature sounds, i.e., wind, rain, birds, dolphin, etc.
• How much should you use Echofone? Can you "over do" it?

Hearing audio frequencies normally above your listening range is unique and captures your attention. You may find yourself wanting to listen longer than usual.

If you are using Echofone with behavoir modification or sound therapy recordings, just follow the recommended listening times that accompany these products.

For recreation, use Echofone as often and as long as you like.
• Can you use it before bed, during sleep?

Yes, in fact, Echofone can be very effective with subliminal recordings, and recordings designed for sleep.

Experiment with Echofone before and during sleep to determine what works best for you.
• Is there a trend as far as what happens initially, and after consistent use?

The first time you use Echofone, you will be captivated rather quickly. The recording will seem much richer and fuller than you have ever heard it before.

The effects are cumulative and become more noticeable with daily use.
• Does Echofone require any maintenance?

Echofone is virtually maintenance free, however, if you prefer to keep Echofone's transducers looking new, wipe them off with isopropyl alcohol after each use.
• Can Echofone benefit an individual with hearing deficiency?

An individual with high frequency hearing loss will realize the perception of higher frequencies.

The designer of Echofone was a military pilot and suffers from high frequency hearing loss. His input follows.

"Echofone brightens music and helps folks like me hear high frequencies. I was a Cobra pilot for 10 years in the Marine Corps. Being around jet engines that long has taken a toll on my hearing above 10,000 Hz. The transducers really enhance the high frequencies for me." - Wayne Nolan - Connifer, CO
• Is there anyone who should not use this technology?

Echofone has been marketed since 1998 and there have been no reports of harmful effects.
• How does Echofone connect to my sound source?

Two patch cables ship with each Echofone. Use one or the other.

One cable is for a headphone output. It has a walkman style stereo plug at each end, (a 1/4" stereo plug adapter is included).

The other cable is for connecting to line level outputs which you will find on the back of a component sound source, i.e., CD, DAT, DVD, cassette player, or amplifier/receiver.
• What can one expect from using Echofone?

Relaxation Music - Learn to relax with Echofone. Just put on your favorite relaxation music and let the technology take you to even deeper states of deep rest.

Meditation Programs - Even if you already meditate, you can fast forward your meditation with Echofone. There are many audio meditation programs already in existence. Select anyone you wish, and your experience will be deeper and richer, and more profound.

Light & Sound Machines - Echofone can make your light and sound session richer and more engaging. You will be adding yet another sensory input, vibration, to make your experience more fulfilling.

Behavioral Modification - Behavioral modification is easier said than done. When using Echofone with behavioral modification CDs, you will slip those important messges of change deep into your subconscious mind faster. Let your subconscious mind work for you.

Binaural Beats - Using binaural beat recordings, you can dramatically speed up the entrainment.

Concentration - The high sound frequencies that come from the transducers put your mind in a higher state of concentration perfect for using learning CDs such as foreign languages, or listening to lectures, or other informational CDs. Sound Therapy - Enjoy the benefits of Dr. Alfred Tomatis™ Sound Therapy at an accelerated rate. You will find Echofone and Sound Therapy CDs a dynamic duo bringing you more focus, clarity of mind, and enhance your ability to relax.

Echofone Listening Tips

The Echofone will greatly enhance music and sounds of many kinds from a variety of sources, however, following the recommendations below will assure listening enhancement.

Use a quality audio source - As Echofone enhances the high frequencies in audio, a player that provides good response in the high-end is preferable. A quality CD player, DVD player, or DAT player will provide exceptional results. Use quality recordings.

Experiment with the ultrasound transducers - The ultrasound transducers can demonstrate Echofone's ability to generate the sensation of sound without any mechanical stimulation of the listener's eardrums. To experiment with this phenomenon, try plugging your ears while the transducers are postioned on your forehead; you will perceive the sound without using your ears at all.

Listen for special enhancement - Much information about the position of sounds in the recording environment is encoded in the overtones. These overtones can often be above your normal hearing range, however with the Echofone you will be able to perceive them. This perceptual expansion adds a sense of depth to many recordings. For example, you can close your eyes and perceive where instruments in a recorded orchestra actually are in space.

Contrast listening with and without Echofone - When listening using the Echofone transducers you may disengage the ultrasound component of the sound by turning the "Trode" volume knob all the way to the left. This allows you to quickly contrast the Echofone enhanced sound with normal headphone sound. The results are often surprising. You will perceive a loss of tone, crispness and depth without the Echofone ultrasound engaged.

Learn more about the Echofone

What's Included

• User's Guide
• Echofone Amplifier
• Ultrasound Transducers
• Adjustable Headband
• 110V AC Adapter - International customers will need to provide their own converter, at their own risk.
• Audio Cable
• Headphone Adapter
• Digital Headphones or optional high-quality, German designed and engineered Sennheiser Digital Headphones

Trode Output
• 400 Hz to 100,000+ Hz frequency response
• 3 watts output/channel, typical
• Bridge-tied load (BTL) output configuration
• Trode signal is 30 volts peak-to-peak when the volume is set at 60% or higher

Note: The output impedance of the Echofone trode amplifier varies with frequency, the trode impedance also varies with frequency. With Echofone trodes, the important spec is sound pressure level, and Echofone trode amplifiers are designed to maximize that.

AC Adapter
• Input: 120V 60 Hz
• Output: 9VDC 500MA

Standard Headphones Specifications
• 32 ohms impedance
• 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency response, -3dB
• 70+ dB signal/noise
• 200 mW output (rms) into 8 ohms, 0.1% THD
• 85 mW output (rms) into 32 ohms, 0.1% THD

Echofone with Sennheiser Headphones specifications:
• Fully modular for long life
• BioNetic - headphones adapt to the shape of the head
• Duofol technology virtually eliminates standing waves
• Neodymium magnets for powerful dynamics
• Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils for highest transient response and vivid, smooth and warm sound reproduction
• New damping element for controlling the diaphragm oscillation, optimally matches the headphones to all sound sources
• Detachable, robust, single-sided connection cable made from kevlar-reinforced oxygen-free copper (OFC)
• Frequency Response 15-28,000 Hz
• Transducer Principle Dynamic, open
• Nominal impedance 120 ohm
• Characteristic SPL @ 1 kHz 95 dB
• Load rating 100 mW
• THD < 0.2%
• Ear coupling Circumaural
• Contact Pressure Approx. 3.5 N
• Weight (without cable) 7.4 oz
• Connector 1/8" stereo mini jack plug with adapter to 1/4" stereo jack plug
• Connection cable 10 ft. detachable single-sided OFC cable

If you want to hear orchestrations come alive, Echofone will add amazing dimension to any recorded music. A superb product unlike any other.

1 year manufacturer warranty. Ships via Standard Delivery only.