View Full Version : A Message To The Past? An Anomaly In The Present?

Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-02 Thu, 23:03
So we went to the graphics shop. Glenn, Debra and I took a photo image from the internet to print out in large format to take to IRVA.

We're investigating whether Glenn, in a remote viewing session, affected something in the past that all of us can see now. It involves a photograph.
This will be the subject of my presentation at IRVA in Vegas in two weeks.

(If you are thinking about coming to the conference, you should come see this.)

So we have the guy at the graphics place print out the large photo. The huge printer is buzzing and doing its thing. We notice that the image is coming out NEGATIVE. Black is white, white is black.

The guy at the shop looks perplexed. "I don't know how that happened," he says. So he double checks everything on the computer, sets the settings, and reprints it. It comes out AGAIN reversed. Like the printer or his computer is haunted or something.

It was very weird. I had a camera rolling and asked the guy, "How could that happen." He would not answer me.

We had to leave. (Debra causing Psychokinesis, lol?) We came back and he finally got the print done right without us being present.

We will bring both the positive and negative for the conference - on display-so everyone can view the possible message from the past for themselves.

Still don't know what caused that computer/printer to go haywire.

See you in Vegas,


2011-Jun-03 Fri, 08:49
What is the subject matter of the photograph? All I can see is something that looks like hair.

Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-03 Fri, 13:05
It is a photograph of a man, taken in 1875. We'll show you the presentation after the conference Robert.


2011-Jun-03 Fri, 14:26
Hahahahahaha. And I see the glasses now.

And yes, I AM legally blind!

Robert (:-)

Dave Barnes
2011-Jun-04 Sat, 10:18
"Still don't know what caused that computer/printer to go haywire."

The Adjustment Bureau? :)

2011-Jun-04 Sat, 13:26
Dave....see PM.