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Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-19 Sun, 18:39
Here are some pictures from the conference.

Glenn speaks on the panel about public perception of RV.
Glenn on the panel.
Wide shot of the panel, day two of the conference.
Jim Channon channels Terrence McKenna and Maude, advising IRVA to liven things up a bit.

Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-19 Sun, 18:42
Dick delivers "Message To The Past."
Audience members examine the Brady photo.

Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-19 Sun, 18:52
Glenn and daughter Courtney.
Glenn and the two Courtneys- Wheaton and Brown.
Debra and Jim Channon.
Maria and Debra.
Nice cowboy boots Glenn.
Debra models Courtney Brown's hat.
Jason Becera, new IRVA secretary.

Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-19 Sun, 18:55
The movie "The Men Who Stare At Goats" was based on Glenn Wheaton (played by George Clooney) and Jim Channon (played by Jeff Bridges).

Here they are.

Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-19 Sun, 18:57
Courtney and Stephen coordinated wardrobe.

Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-19 Sun, 18:59
Las Vegas got sprayed on the first day of the conference.

2011-Jun-20 Mon, 08:12
So....THAT'S what you guys look like! And the women members are Stunning!
Hope you all had a wonderful time.

I'll check out the video link.


2011-Jun-20 Mon, 20:55
3:00am.......I watched Dicks presentation. Very interesting to say the least.

Will this clip be available in the HRVG library?


Dick Allgire
2011-Jun-20 Mon, 21:28
Don't get me in trouble with IRVA.


2011-Jun-21 Tue, 08:33
Ah ha. Proprietary material; I understand.