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Glenn B. Wheaton
2011-Jun-22 Wed, 23:42
Aloha All,

I got home from Las Vegas late last night and thought I would post a bit before we get a conference review up. First I would like to thank everyone that made the trip out to Las Vegas. Hrvg made a fair impact at this conference. Our own Dick Allgire made an excellent presentation and is one of the best (if not the best) presentations that the conference has fielded. Dick put in a lot of hours compiling and rehearsing his presentation and it was flawless. Many thanks to John Stahler for assisting with the complicated issues regarding the multi-format and multimedia content of Dick’s presentation.

It seemed far more busy this year with us getting up early and going to sleep very late. There was just so much happening for us that time was racing along. Jim Channon made a nice addition to the Hrvg crew at the conference as well as the panel discussion. I must admit I almost lost it when he began to channel Terence McKenna and then Maude the spirit guide summoned by Kevin Spacey in the Goats movie. While I found it entertaining the content of what he had to say was simply put “Wisdom”. It was great to see Dave Barnes again as well as Pat and Tony. Pat is a very talented viewer and with some nudging we will include her in an upcoming project.

My submission for the 1st annual Warcollier Award did not win but the project is very worthy and I will find a way to fund it and get it started. Tony I will send you an email and invite you to assist with the management of the project if you have the time to help out. Dr. Brown has agreed to function as the Academic representative so after we fill a few other key roles we will get the project launched.

Congratulations go to Jason who was voted in as the new IRVA secretary at the annual meeting. Jason was selected for a very good reason, “He is awesome”. On the last day Jason and I were able to finally get to a Roulette table and we did very well. The croupier was a bit weird and got weirder after we began to beat up on him. Just before he was pulled off the table he was stomping the floor and slapping his hand on game table while the wheel was slowing for the ball to drop. He was calling up all his MOJO but it didn’t stop us. I was very impressed with Jason’s accuracy in calling the player 2 bet. While we didn’t break the bank we were certainly winners.

Anyway we will piece together a conference review in the days ahead but I can tell you this. You certainly did not want to be the presenter that followed Dick Allgire this year. This was his year.


2011-Jun-23 Thu, 08:31
Hi Glenn:
Sent you a PM.

Maybe I'll get to the next conference.